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Tathagata a Question
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Enlightenment Questions  - Question From Vivian

Dear Tathagata,

Your childhood story touched me deeply, and it was comforting to know that it is not just us who are also suffering. Thank You for having come here for us.

Could you go into more detail about your Enlightenment?

What I understand is that you regressed before birth and went within you Thousand of years back to being The Buddha.

Did all this all happen spontaneously? when you were ready, or was there something you did? or remembered,or awakened yourself?

What happened? How did it happen? what did you do? Is this something anyone can do?
Could you explain please?

Thank you for making a difference to all of us and our lives.

Love Vivian

Answer From Tathagata

Dear Vivian

My enlightenment came from my  motae (origin). It has revived from which had been in myself. Motae is composed of things that happened in oneself and the things in one's motae act repeatedly in the same way. You can see this law through plants. For example, a melon bears melons while a watermelon bears watermelons. There is not much differences between their sprouts or leaves but when they show what are in their motae through their fruits you can find clearly how they are different. Their fruits are the revivals of the things in their motae. If you want to change yourself, use what are in the world. It is possible when you know what can change you and how.