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To Ask Enlightened Master
Tathagata a Question
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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Santosh

Namaskar to the paramatma present in you!
I know for the knowing to grow the questions have to stop. I believe in the"witnessing" and would like to ask the great soul Tathagata what should I do or how should I meditate to realise my self and know the "what is "

I believe by my gut feeling in you ..something from inside me that says I "feel" what you say .
I also feel from within that I have something to do with spirituality and the reason in this life ..please guide me with the truths that you know

With Love and Peace

Answer From Tathagata

Dear Santosh

In order to spiritually awaken themselves they should know how the world has been determined and how they realise it. Practice of meditation has not much to do with Enlightenment. If they want to know what is they should learn how the world has been determined and what matter creates what is. When they see the things in reality they can enlighten themselves.


Further Question from Santosh 26.11.05

Thank you for the reply,
The reply is a question for me and that is what I would like to ask ;
>how the world has been determined and what matter creates "what is "
What leads us (what should be done to lead us )to "seeing" things in reality

Q2 I know these questions could keep on and on

What would you suggest to me that should lead me into seeing the "what is "and getting my own answers so that the questions would automatically stop.

Love and Peace

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Santosh

1.1 This world forms its motae (origin) by what happen in activities, and the motae becomes the basis of all the phenomena.

1.2 Like I explained just before what you've done has its will to exist forever, that's why it repeats same action again and again. ' What is' creates what is, what is make things repeat, in mathematics answer is created by the question, in order to change the answer we need a new question, so when we put new question the answer will change to a new one, like this everything has been determined and it creates new thing. So when you understand this world in this way, you will solve your questions on your own. Countless things act in this world and what is in the activities creates new one.

1.3 In order to see what is you have to free from the influences of Karma, in order to free from the influences of karma you have to awake yourself by certain teaching, and secondary you have to practice the teaching. This solution is your Enlightenment, you will see by yourself.