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Enlightenment Questions - Question from Jenny

Dear Tathagata

Did you practice meditation to reach enlightenment. I have been practicing meditation and yoga for a while but can't see any benefits at all. I want to learn Buddhism but every time I go to a Buddhist place they just teach me meditation, shall I stop, is meditation and yoga beneficial for me or not, please explain the benefits or dangers.


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Jenny

In order to understand my answers you need to check the following points. Firstly, please confirm whether there is somebody who has achieved the enlightenment by the practice of yoga or meditation in human history.

Secondly, whether yoga and meditation were started by the teaching of the enlightened one or not. If there were no enlightened people by practicing yoga and meditation or someone who taught them was not enlightened ,it is impossible for you to be enlightened by practicing them.

About your next question of the result of practicing them. I can answer to you only when you show me or explain to me in detail about how you do practice them. Then I will see what happens in the process of your practice. I have seen some yoga and meditation practice in the temples and yoga centers. I have found that they are rather dangerous to people who want the bright life and self. People can contact gods quickly, a god means the dead soul or ghost.

The numbers of ghosts are similar to the numbers of living people on the Earth in this age. Therefore if anyone practices sincerely their teachings one will invite the dead soul to their own body.

It is very hard to meet the real Buddha's teaching in this age. I always notice that the teaching of the existing Buddhism is not beneficial to humanity.