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Enlightenment Questions  - Question From Vanessa


My name is Vanessa at the moment in my life I am having problems in my marriage my husband is having feelings for another woman I want to know will he leave me?  Will I survive? but what I really want is to save my marriage and live a happy life please help me why is this happening now?


Vanessa S.

Answer From Tathagata

Dear Vanessa

There are so many people who are suffering like you in this world. I hope that you write to me again after searching more concrete facts. When a man has a secret love affair he might have several reasons. So you need to ask your husband about your worries and doubts so that you can confirm his thoughts and plan. For example, 'why do you like her?' or 'if you become love her more and more will you leave me?' etc.. Without the concrete facts the Enlightened being cannot give any abstract answer.