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Enlightenment Questions  - Question From Sean

Hello, Tathagata.

The subject of enlightenment has been interesting to me. I was looking through some forums, and I came across your page. My question is about Jesus and Christianity. I was depressed one night and I was looking back on my life and how terrible I had been at times. I was watching a Christian television show and at the end of it, the host lead a prayer for salvation. I was crying at the time. I prayed along with the television host and I sincerely meant everything I prayed. After the prayer, all at once, I felt an indescribable sensation burst from inside my chest and flow outward causing me to curl into a ball, while my eyes could see nothing but white light. I would really like to know what your thoughts are about this. I've read a lot of things about self-realisation and enlightenment. Do you have any opinion of Christianity?

Thank you


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Sean

There are so many things in the world which the ordinary people can not see or understand. When your cycle of consciousness accords with one of other spirit the phenomenon which you had can happen easily. You can feel the same emotion or thought of them. We can confirm this fact simply from an experiment by using some instruments.

Christianity is merely a sort of religion. I have not seen any special teaching in Christianity. They insist that they have teachings. Those teachings have been made of just words but not on the basis of principle and questions. That's why I have found it hard to examine the truth of them closely. I am a man who does not believe in something which is groundless.