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Enlightenment Questions  - Question From Somnath

Dear Tathagata,

What exactly is destiny ? Do you think what happens to us everyday, whatever we do is destiny ? Is that controllable ?


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Somnath

Destiny can be changed. But if you want to get a good destiny you should awake yourself. Without awakening it is impossible for you to change your destiny for the better. In order to control your destiny you also need to awaken yourself. There's no way to ignore your own thoughts,disposition and judgement etc,. Like parents have an attachment to protect their own child , you keep your attachment inside. You cannot let them disappear for yourself. Only through your awakening you can realise what is wrong with you then, you can suppress them not to act. You can free from your bad karma only when you realise that why you shouldn't do that.