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1857 To Roast A Pig

Prepare some stuffing, the same as for a turkey; fill it full, and sew it up with a coarse thread; flour it well over.  Be sure to have all the gravy that comes out of it, by setting pans under the pig, in a dripping pan, as soon as the gravy begins to run.  When the pig is done enough, stir the fire up, take a coarse cloth with a piece of butter on it, and rub the pig over until the crackling is crisp, then take it up.

Lay it in a dish, and, with a sharp knife, cut off its head, and then cut the pig into two parts, by cutting down the back; cut the ears off the head, and lay them at each end; cut the under jaw in two and lay the parts on each side.  Melt some good butter, take the gravy you saved and put in it, boil it, pour it in the dish with the brains bruised fine, and some sage, mixed together, and then send it to the table.

If just killed, a pig will require an hour to roast; if killed the day before, an hour and a quarter; if a large one, an hour and a half.

Great Western Cook Book - 1857