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I've searched High and Low for Sports-Related Opportunities, both Amateur and Professional, to share here with Community Members who have already "admitted" they are uncurable Sports Fanatics, simply by stopping in to this  Focused Interest Room!

I HAVE found a FEW special Web Sites that definitely apply!  Some of these links are to companies that offer job opportunites;  Some have been selected to assist you in getting your hands on the Best Sports Equipment at the BEST Prices, accompanied by quality Customer Service;   And some of the links you'll find below have been provided to make your  access to Professional Sports Information no more than  a "click" away, while you're MY own VALUED GUEST!.

I HOPE To "wind my way" to MORE companies that offer actual employment, as well as those that specialize in Advanced Sports Training Programs, for Atheletes, Adventurers and you super-unique Sports "junkies" who are interested in becoming trained Sports Officials.


And Now,
Here They Are --

The "Sports Fanantics" Room

Lycos Network Sports Scores     -Just gotta get the scores, right NOW?!?

Well, if this sounds like you,I'm sure you DO know who you are...  So  don't WORRY, I've got ya "covered".  Lycos is an extensive network neighborhood and  "Personal Browser", with so much to offer the entrepreneur, it'll make your jaw drop!  Just "for starters" you'll discover Trellix, where this Site is built, plus Tripod and AngelFire, two of the World Wide Web's most well -reputed FREE Web Site Hosting Services, and much MUCH more.  PLUS the latest info on ALL the Major Sports.... So keep WORKING--the information you want for both "Real Life" and "Recreation" is available RIGHT HERE:

Sports Scores:


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Here's This Month's Offer

If you happen to visit any of the types of Sites I'm questing after, already, and KNOW of a terrific Company or Site that I haven't tracked down yet, PLEASE, if you would, LET ME KNOW, so I can go check it out, and make arrangements for including the information here, for all the "Sports Nuts" who visit this ReliableSOURCE!  Creative Business Community Member's "Focused Interests" room. To say "THANKS" for contributing to the expansion of "the Goal Zone,
EVERYONE who E-Mails me or places an entry for a Lead in the Guestbook,    will be placed in a monthly drawing for a

Personal Biography
If you've never used one in your portfoilo, or included one along with your resume and application, you might consider trying it!  A Bio is a wonderful supplement to the more "traditional standards only please" resume piece, and gives potential clients or employers a "different" view of you and your professioinal history.  You have a lot of "conversational" freedom within a Bio, and it's OKAY to show a little personality, too.  Why not include one with your next presentation and see how it affects your response quotient??  Even in the "driest" of fields, employers are looking for real people with a tasteful amount of "verve" to STAND OUT. If you'd like more info about this specialized promotion item, or to see some examples of good ones, just E-Mail me through the link provided above, and dog-gone it, go ahead--ASK ME!