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A Creative Business Community For Independent Professionals
In Need Of Self-Promotion Training,
Enterprise-Growth Guidance,
Networking Opportunities,
More Good Leads,
And Better
A  Fun
 and Friendly
Approach to Serious Business!

 Think of
ReliableSOURCE! as an
Incubator for Entrepreneurs....

Work your Public Relations,
Promotion And Networking Skills!

Participate in Business-Related
Research Opportunites!

Unique Resources, Career Support
And OnLine "Inter-Activities"!

Action, Direction, Creativity, Cooperation
And Drive Emphasized

ReliableSOURCE! is Your Creative Business Practice Lab

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TO  ONE  &  ALL !

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  Promotion Consulting
E-Mail Questions or Get Advice On-Line

  Your PromotionPro is available to
All Members & Guests of ReliableSOURCE!;  
And willing to consult on any question submitted,
as quickly as reasonably feasible,

"Chat" is ANYTIME - But only  if/when we're both on-line, for now...   Some people HAVE "caught me", and, I think we got some work done!  I also set appointments to "chat" via E-Mail.  Watch for a "Real Schedule" by Late Fall!   
...and you can Write Me  - ALWAYS!



                          Promotion SuperStore
                                          Custom PR Services      Promotional Writing
                                    One-of-A-Kind Portfolio Pieces
  Drawings/Contests For FREE Promotional Materials

      Resource-FULL LINKS For Days...


    Discounts on Resumes, Bios and MORE for
ReliableSOURCE! Community Members...

                                        "Promote ME -                                                                          Promote YOU"

Add YOUR LINK To The List Of Entrepreneurs
Networking At ReliableSOURCE!

  "rSOURCE! Network"
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Your Career,
While you also Play a Vital Role in
Defining the ReliableSOURCE! Community:

"rSOURCE! Network" NEWS,
"Promote ME - Promote YOU" Club,
Mystery Shopper's "tips exchange" Board,
Live On-Line Promotion PARTY Events
 "Get Noticed" Workshops
Real Research Survey Center Offerings
Member's Galleries & Self-Promotion Areas
 Everything At ReliableSOURCE!

All You Need To DO  is.....

Start a New Topic anytime;  Request colleague feedback; Post questions; Share useful tips and  information;  Participate freely in any Discussion that interests you ; Or "just lurk" and  listen in, too.

ReliableSOURCE!  Community MEMBERS...

Real Research Survey Center PANELISTS...

"rSOURCE! Network" News SUBSCRIBERS...

 YOU are especially Welcome and Appreciated !  You are eligible and encouraged to initiate Discussion Forums of YOUR OWN here!  Con-tact me if you  also want help getting the word out, to attract qual-ity, productive participants who are interested in, active with and/or knowledgeable about whatever is on your "Business Mind".  

It's all FREE, VERY Slick and EASY for you to USE to enhance, sup-port, enlighten and advance your specific Business/Career Interests and Opportunities!  The Community Members are HERE, already (There are more than 200 of us!);  And we are a talented and diverse Group, no doubt!   

The Open Forum and Message Boards

~  Communicate   ~   Brainstorm  ~  Ask for Ideas   ~  
~  Read   ~     Learn   ~   Exchange   ~
~  Succeed  ~

Endorsed By  
A Partnership of screened-before-approval
Entrepreneur Networking Clubs, interfaced on-line
thru the cooperation of their respective moderators...   to make their combined
Forums and Message Boards available to their collective Community Members.
The "Real Research" Survey Center

The much-anticipated OPENING of the SURVEY CENTER will be very soon!  The LAUNCH of the "Enterprising Entrepreneur!" Survey has been re-scheduled for:


Technical Support at the Data Retrieval and Analysis Center has ASSURED ME both the Survey Center and the "Enterprising En-trepreneur" Survey will be UP, and perfoming flawlessly when we finally "get the GO"!


               Remarkable Top Pro Guests
Hosting their own "Get Noticed" Workshops!     
        Plan ToAttend
The FIRST Party  
TWICE in Mid - JANUARY, 2001....
                    Exact Dates andTimes TBA -- After the Survey Center finally launches!

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 2 Chapters From
Ken Evoy's #1 BestSeller!

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"To Receive is Blessed -To Give is Divine"

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With ReliableSOURCE!'s Custom

You Can Search Right Now!

You Know Who You ARE! 

...and YOU are part of
A Coveted Demographic,
and  a Rapidly Growing
(Stats Courtesy of Guru.com)
"People are starting home businesses
          at a rate of 2 million a year."
                                  - American Demographics

                    "92 percent of self-employed individuals...
          ...Prefer their independent status
               as compared to what they were doing before."
                                  - Economic Policy Institute

                              "The self employed are ahead of the rest of North American households on every measure of income, technology, optimism,and education."
                                  - Forrester Research

You KNOW who YOU ARE...
 is here to help you
make sure
finds out,too!

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  Is ALL About
ReliableSOURCE! has been designed by a Creative Freelancer, for other Creative Freelancers. Whether your interests lie in Business, the Arts, or somewhere "in between", you will find lots of resources for Networking to attract employers, clients and customers; Promotional tools and advice; Helpful gadgets for the internet and the office; Income-boosting opportunites;  And many, many  truly unique companies and services here!  First, take a quick scroll thorugh the areas I've set up.  Next, before you make your first selection, go ahead and read my quick Visitor's Notes,  which will help get you off to a productive start...


If you are an Entrepreneur who would love a Web Site heavily focused on helping you ACTIVELY and INTERACTIVELY

Experiment With,Further Develop and
 More Effectively USE YOUR OWN
Public Relations, Promotion and
Networking Skills...

You'll Appreciate the Services, Resources and Activities
Available to you at ReliableSOURCE!

ReliableSOURCE! is fundamentally a Freelancer's Business Laboratory, an "incubator for Entrepreneurs", where the Primary Focus is on both increasing and improving one's Public Relations, Promotion, Networking, and Creative Thinking & Writing Skills, while also contributing as feels comfortable,to a Community that Supports one's Entrepreneurial Growth and Advancement, through Positive means.  Hands-on Action-taking, Self-Directing, and a Spirit of Generosity mixed  with a  strong Professional Drive are emphasized throughout the Site.

Community Members agree to participate at their own discretion, and also agree whole-heartedly, to strive to conscientiously open and persue their interactions at  ReliableSOURCE!, with a "Productive Point of View" to share, and a "Mutually Supportive Attitude", toward all other Community Members, Guests and Visitors (and toward ReliableDoree, too!) at all times!

And "What Develops Next?"
... Depends on the Needs and Direction of ReliableSOURCE! Community Members!

Web Site 



ReliableDoree Presents:

Phase I

Meet Your Web Site Hostess , Idea-Stormer and most Reliably
Solid "sounding board" on PR and Promotions, ReliableSOURCE! Owner/Consultant, Doree Taylor. Learn about the Customized Services Available here, and  see into the Future of ReliableSOURCE!  as the "rSOURCE! Network" begins to take shape...

Doree Taylor aka ReliableDoree,
Your Promotion Pro at



The CREATIVE Practice Labs: 

Phase II

It's Getting BIZZY In Here!
I'm waist-deep in something exciting ,
so c'mon in, and watch me grow - with you...

There Are NEW LINKS in EVERY Creative Practice Lab!

           Creative BIZ MANAGEMENT

             Creative INTERNET EARNINGS

                      Creative PASSIONS Are PERSONAL!

              Creative Matters Of OPINION



The ReliableSOURCE!
Info Centers 

OPEN, BUT.....
Phase III
 Just Beginning!

Projected to ultimately become another "ReliableSOURCE!   Cyber-Channel", altogether.  Information, Links and Activities will, of course, be selected for presentation at here, from the same Hell-Bent Entrepreneurial Perspectives as everything else here!  

....But provided to Support some of the "Other than Business" areas of our Whole Lives;  And assist in melding/balancing the Independent, often At-Home, "Pro Life"  with Family Life more smoothly!  

For now, Areas OPEN Below are Limited To
the WEB Center and the TRAVEL Center

                  ReliableSOURCE! EDUCATION CENTER

           ReliableSOURCE! TRAVEL CENTER

             ReliableSOURCE! GIFTING CENTER

                   ReliableSOURCE! RELAXATION CENTER

Thanks for bearing with the development process I'm in,
to make ReliableSOURCE! the BEST it can be!
 I appreciate your patience and support!

Hey, Everybody....

"Girl Geek of the Week"
at GirlGeeks.com

(For the Week of August 21, 2000)

....they did a super-nice Interview /Article on "moi", right on the Home Page of their FANTASTIC  "Web Site for Women In Business On The Internet", and I can't possibly thank them enough for selecting little me.  Please head over and check it all out!  You'll be VERY impressed with this Web Site, I'm certain....  To find the article, on their Home Page just click "Girl Geek of the Week", and then click on the Archives.  You'll find it in the August, 2000 folder!

Click On
"The Geek"
To Get There!


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The Promotion SuperStore 
Click On The Open For Business Sign
*  Resume  *  Personal Bio  *  Cover Letter  *  Brochure *
 * Business Card  *  Custom Portfolio  *  Press Release  *
* Feature Article  *  Custom Survey Services *
 * Public Speaking Coaching  *  Fund Raising Programs  *

The "PromotionPro" PERSONAL PROMOTION Pakage
Get Ready To Be NOTICED In 2001!
ONE Custom-Created WEB RESUME  &

What's Different About A Web Resume?
I can include your contact information, an introduction, your background, your education, your skills, experience and your picture. A Web Resume is extremely easy to use!
I'll Customize the look to your specification, including your Web Resume's colors, background and section layout.   Once I have created your Web Resume you can download it to your HardDrive as an HTML File, to post anywhere, and submit your Web Resume to the major search engines.

Combined with a Personal "Business Card" Banner, your PERSONAL PROMOTION Package will make you STAND OUT from the crowd like never before....

Click On the Coupon Below
Right Now...

I Passionately Create PROMOTION
JUST For You...
 The Promotion SuperStore!

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The "Real Research" Survey Center! 

The "Real Research" Survey Center Opens in Early September and is a Special "ReliableDoree Presents" Area on the Web Site!
Join the "Enterprising Entrepreneur!" Study...  This is the FIRST Survey presented in the new Survey Center, and I think you'll find my "Study on US" presents some compelling queries in need of each of your Personal Profession-focused responses...

The Panel is FORMING NOW!

To Participate as a "Real Research" Survey Panel Respondent
It is Required that you:

Be a
 of ReliableSOURCE!,

And Register as a
through the "Real Research" List-Bot, Below!

 Please be SURE to complete BOTH of these simple steps.
You will be asked to input both your ReliableSOURCE! Member Name and your Lis-Bot Panelist ID at the top of every Survey...

There will also be a Secure E-Mail Address given ONLY to Panelists, which you will ALSO NEED TO ENTER, to initially access your Survey!!!  Regardless of when you complete your Member Registration and Panelist Registration, too, it  will be sent to you, immediately upon first publishing of the Survey, and from that point forward your Survey will available for your access....  The Survey is somewhat lengthy, and asks for your comments, as well as clicked-in responses, so please plan to take the Survey when you have at LEAST a comfy  1/2 hour  available for giving your thoughtful input....

 THANK YOU for helping to maintain the purity and  integrity of the Research conducted here!  


You can visit the HomePage, and register as a Member of ReliableSOURCE! any time...  The Survey Center Page will be open as soon as possible,  so you can learn a whole bunch more about my plans for the Center, overall, beginning then.  And the "Enterprising Entrepreneur!" Survey will be published inside the Survey Center, too, by:

MID-DECEMBER, 2000!!!  

Hope this answers everyone's questions for now...  I'll be hard at work making it all "snap" as I've just out-lined, and I'll be in touch with every Registered Panelist, with the "Survey Access Address", at "Survey Launch-Time".

Thanks for your Support and Patience!

There will be a drawing among all Survey Respondents for a $250 Value, Custom Created "Promotion Portfolio". Survey Results and the DRAWING WINNER will be presented at the JANUARY "Promotion Party"...

If YOU would like to be a
"Real Research" Survey Center Panelist, Please USE 
The "Real Research" Panelist
Registration List-Bot

Click here to join the
Join the "Real Research" Survey Panel!

This Particular List Requests some Demographic Information when you sign up. It is most important to the Success and Quality of Stud-ies presented at ReliableSOURCE!,  that you Register as a Panelist through this System before Participating in any of the Surveys in-stalled in the Survey Center!  If, perchance, the demographics form does not auto-load to you, go ahead and click "Submit", anyway ... You will be added to the Panel and given your

Panelist ID NUMBER!

The demographics missing from your Profile will be "re-captured" within the context of the "Enterprising Entrepreneur!" Survey....

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"New Web Site Christening" 

was held
SATURDAY, MAY  27, 2000!
If you missed the Celebration,
Don't WORRY About It...

There's ALWAYS An
Taking Place Here, To Help You Promote YOU!

Click On The Parachute BELOW Any Time You're Ready To...

Drop Down Into
The New
"rSOURCE! Network" 
"Promotion Party" Room


Free Open Forums and Message Boards:
Interesting Topics and Discussion!
Numerous Entrepreneurs Corner Communities!

"Promote ME-Promote YOU" Club
Drawings and Contests


Promotion Party Event Details

'rSOURCE! Network' NEWS:

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When Your Subscribe YOU WILL RECEIVE:

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What ELSE is New at ReliableSOURCE!?

To Find Out:
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So PLEASE show your Support for ReliableSOURCE! -- and help "the Site for Creative
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Vistor's Notes 
This Site is intended to help you make the MOST of yourself and your ideas, expand your opportunities, and, of course, increase your income!  You will need to register for, try out and experiment with the programs that appeal to YOU, to learn if they offer benefits you'll be able to utilize to paint YOUR OWN rainbow...Meanwhile, you may be certain I will always do my best to provide you with a quality  "box of colors" to begin choosing from!  And I trust you to feel your own way, where your personal and Professional Creative Passions are concerned, Thank You!!  I'm Creatively Crazed E-Nuff already....
This is, actually, just my own most recent Creative Practice Lab!  I'm looking at what I enjoy, and have talent for;  And looking at the World from where I'm AT--and I'm working/ playing with creating something new, just to see what I can DO!   So, "Paint Away!"  ... I'll be painting away by your side, and hoping both my artful approach to Business Life, and my business approach to Art Life, may become a small part of yours!  
Snoop around here, as much as you like!  DO experiment with the tools presented!  If one approach is just not for you, try another!  As an example, there are several quality services listed inside that will help with creating resumes and offer job matching, negotiating assistance, open client searches,legal aid, and many more variables than I need to list HERE!  Each program has it's distinctions, so it really depends on you trying them out!  There is a wide range of information available here, so let your own personal and professional senses guide you.  You can use this Site as a resource for self-discovery, if nothing more--and I believe that's a lot!   
If you do find a few tricks that help you along, please come back often -- I'm constantly on the prowl for new information to share with you!  I hope visitors will come to rank this Site among their "top picks" for regular browsing, and that ReliableSOURCE!  will become a source for both information and inspiration, you find you enjoy, and rely upon often!

PLEASE BEGIN your visit by clicking here, or up above on "ReliableDoree" , to learn more about me, and how this particular project evolved into "my work"...

You'll also find my guestbook, and a link for E-Mailing me directly, on this page, so I hope you'll stop by and let me know what you think, offer suggestions, make requests and report any technical problems that arise...

I'll Probably change the "My Life Story" segment on the "ReliableDoree" page every couple of weeks, so it won't get too boring for you click over and sign in your "hello".  Don't worry--I'm kidding!  I actually do HAVE SEVERAL  Life Stories, but they're not for you to read!

FROM THERE Take a peak into as many different Creative Practice Labs as you like, and check out the ReliableSOURCE! Info Centers for all sorts of reliable "skinny"!  

Be sure to see all of the Creative PASSIONS  Focused Interest Rooms! Some of the rooms are a bit more fleshed out than others, but this area of the Site is one of my own current creative passions!  I'm committed to finding support for as many different Freelance Pro-types who truly desire to create opportunites to work --for themselves ,and do work they love , as I possibly can!  This area of the Site will probably continue changing the most for a long time to come.  If you have an idea for a Focused Interest that hasn't been at least started on yet, E-Mail your suggestions!

Many of these areas very easily cross-over, and some links are listed in more than one place.  But every area has it's own unique sur-prises,too. I hope you go in looking for the "unexpected possibility".  If you're looking you just might find it!  It's all been assembled with the independent, creative-minded person, who is also serious about doing business professionally, in mind --exclusively!.

THANK YOU, again, for visiting!  I most sincerely wish you GREAT SUCCESS in all of your Creative, Business, and CREATIVE BUSINESS endeavors!
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" ...just for the Learning!": 

of the Week

Be Like a Postage Stamp -
Stick to one thing until you GET THERE!


1.Dream big dreams.

 2. Have a goal and plan to achieve it.

3. Love doing what you do.

4. Listen to the advice of your spouse/partner.

5. Seek help from those who possess skills you don't have.

6. Believe you are a winner, or someone who CAN be.

7. Work smarter, not necessarily harder.

8. Fly with the eagles, don't scratch with the turkeys.

9. Be prepared to take calcualted risks.

10. Be aware that opportunities are always around.

11. Promote your product well.

12. Satisfy customers' needs completely.

13. Be decisive, determined and self-disciplined.

14. Encourage others constantly.

15. Have a strong belief in yourself, and... a stronger
belief in a higher power.

Special THANKS to Craig Lock for this List...

Craig Lock, Eagle Productions

Creative Writing Course

SITE of the WEEK 

November 18, 2000

Search Engine Blaster

There's NO Other
Like It...        

Companies looking to improve their Internet presence will benefit from a new online application, named Search Engine Blaster. Developed by Hi Tek Internet Software, Inc., the new online service combines a submission database of over 400,000 search engines, directories, free for all links, and classified ad sites rolled into a "one click" submission powerhouse!

Users log into the service and may create a series of working projects. The clever twist to this new application is that the software actually visits your own web site and automatically gathers every web page on your domain for submission. It then submits each and every page to the submission database with a single click of the mouse. Additionally, submissions may be scheduled on 'autopilot' by using the project submission scheduler.

"We simply saw the need for a better "mouse trap", said Joe Bellshaw, the company's president. "We developed our product to far exceed the traditional methods of submitting single URL's to search en-gines. We provide much "deeper" submissions for mall merchants; And any larger-sized site will especially benefit from this technology. Next,we've automated the entire process, from scanning an entire domain, and submitting the complete site, to automating the monthly maintenance tasks. And, again, we've put re-submissions on a user-timed autopilot, which saves people from repeating their work over and over."

There are a number of decent Submission Software Programs out there, for what they offer. But NONE of the traditional (downloadable) Software Applications has EVER offered all of THIS!  Search Engine Blaster is an online-based Software Application that is available to anyone with Internet Access; It requires no downloading or installation. By placing the application online, the Developer can monitor the search engines, protect it's users, and make technical adjustments instantly. The application includes additional tools for webmasters that allow individual users to efficiently manage their own varied and changing promotions.

Key Product Features:

~  Automated Doorway Page generation

~  One click submissions to over 400,000 sites

 ~  Manages one, or unlimited domains (pro version)

 ~  Spiders your entire domain, and submits each page

 ~  Schedule recurring submissions every month  

~  Daily updated database ensures quality submissions

~  Add or remove pages to submit, by page or file type

 ~  Web Site Popularity Reporting and Management

~  Meta Tag Generator

~  Search Engine Tactics

~  Access to the Knowledge Base helps Beginners teach themselves

~  Monthly subscription to Search Engine Tactics Ezine

~  Unlimited use of the selected Pricing Package
(no per submission charges)  

~ Lifetime support and free maintenance updates.

Accessible, Versatile, and Reasonably Priced with several Monthly Project "Package-Sizes" to select from... This Program WILL ABSOLUTELY increase your Marketing Success Quotient!!  ...And lighten your work load significantly, too!  

I'm convinced that Search Engine Blaster is one of the "rare gems" you'll come across, that really CAN push your Internet Business to the next level; And one of the few 'small investment' Programs you'll ever 'try out' that begins bringing you tangible 'returns' within days. Search Engine Blaster raises your potential to develop and maintain a verifiable Web Presence in the CyberSea 1000-Fold and more....

For a Demonstration of this revolutionary Marketing Tool and complete pricing info, click on the Link provided below. While the technology may seem hard to fathom, the Subscriber/User's Terms and Web Site are simple and straight-ahead!  After viewing the information, you can complete the easy Member Registration in a blink.  And then???  YOU'RE ON YOUR WAY!  You're heading NOW, for a much more profitable future on the Internet, at last...

For YOU....
For YOURS....
For All That YOU DREAM Of BEING...
For All That YOUR WORK Is WORTH....  

For REAL!!!

November 18 - December 1,  2000

Subscribe To and Download
Your Search Engine Blaster,
and as soon as you have, E-Mail Me!  

I'm sending EVERY Purchaser A SURPRISE GIFT
that will benefit your BUSINESS GROWTH,
as my own way of saying,


Get Your
Search Engine

Enjoy Your Visit
And Have A GREAT Day!

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These FREE Web Site tools work great, and are easy to get up and running....

THANKS, SmartClicks!
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Get What You WANT From the WEB...
THANKS "Scrubby"--I'm glad I found you, too!

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you can talk to me right NOW!
I'll gladly Consult with you on any Public Relations, Promotions and Networking topics you present!
If I'm not available right now, I'm sorry I've missed you!
It's easy to leave me a message HERE, too...

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