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                              The Real KEY
                             To Surviving Out There On YOUR OWN!     

Networking is SHARING....
Information, Ideas, Resources,
and Opportunities.

Personally Interfacing with other independent pros, and the customer-client- or "agent"- types out there who HIRE independent professionals is the BEST way to "stay afloat", as well as advance your career. You're on your own, but your NOT alone, as you'll very quickly be reassured, when you visit the bustling,user-interactive companies and services introduced in this Creative Practice Lab. Below you'll find portals to both the Creative Networking and ADVANCED Creative Networking  areas.  I suggest everyone take a look at BOTH AREAS, and play with what you're ready for as you go -- you may be surprised with yourself!

Creative NETWORKING  takes at least two...

"Somebody"  and YOU!   

"COMMUNITY on the Net
has a transcendent role as , simultaneously,
the beginning, means and end product


Feel around these Sites for the styles of promotion, options for participation, and types of personal contacts and groups available to meet (or introduce yourself to), that are comfortable  to you!  Connect with the opportunities and people you find you feel motivated to offer your input BACK to...

There are actually a LOT of very creative, hard-working and self-motivated people out there to potentially interface with!  You may find your picture of yourself expanding as you put your hands on what's "there to touch"... You may get some good new ideas, and try some new "things". You may discover new passions or  develop unexpectedly rewarding alliances.  It's all so fine any which way!  You CAN always quit visiting anywhere, and go somewhere else ( or not!), no sweat...

  My own most "reliable advice" on this topic is, "Don't write anything OFF until you've given it a try--especially if you're feeling "stuck", in the first place!". If something simply doesn't appeal, that's that, but a lot of the time, I find I just can't tell whether the Site has "something for me", or not,until I really do spend a little time playing around with the options presented!  I try to keep my focus on my goals, but tender an open mind about how many different ways I might find I can actually "get there".  

Remember: You just never KNOW where your next good lead or great-paying client might come from, and you can NEVER have too many friends along the way, (no matter  the path!) who turn out to care about your success, and also appreciate you for trading favors with them!  

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If you're really hungry, now, to truly put yourself "out there" to do what you DO, I'd like to show you several intriquing Sites which offer exceptional environments for getting even more motivated:  To hone your professional "expertise";   Find out what you don't know;  Put your Bad Self forward;  Actually help someone else;  Establish your personal take on your "professional worth" by bidding to get PAID for your  services;  And, most importantly, to MAKE CONTACTS GALORE!

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