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I've done my best to bring you Great Gear, Industry info, and Contact Services...  Keep watching this area, as I will be continually adding more links for Musicians of every sort, and hope to build up this page to be one of your BEST regular stop-ins!  There isn't enough below YET to warrant fussing with smaller categories, so just jump on in!

Musician's Friend     -The BEST Prices On-line for ALL your Music Gear!

"We make our living playing music and throughout the years, Musician's Friend has been our #1 source of  musical instruments and equipment. They've been the leader in the music industry for over 17 years, offer an incredible selection,  have convenient 24-hour ordering by phone or Internet, and their service has always been excellent. We highly recommend Musician's Friend for all your equipment needs!"

That pretty much sums it up!  If you're a Player, a Teacher, or run your own Recording Studio, this site has it all--at axcellent prices, and with terrific Customer Service, too...
Check It Out HERE:

The Musician's PlaceTo Shop!

EatSleepMusic.com-     Turn Your PC into a full-stop KARAOKE SYSTEM!!!

This Site has a LOT to offer Karaoke enthusiasts, whether amateur, budding Professional or Show Host.  You can download a FREE Karaoke Player right on to your own PC!  The Site features an extensive catalogue of songs, many also free, and the pay-for selections are available as singles and in packages, at great prices that have eliminated the "middle man". If you have CD-R, you can go a step further, and transfer tunes to disc, to take along when you go out!  You can sing right at home through the system, record yourself, and even get involved in Site-Sponsored Contests for Cash and Prizes!  This is a really fun Site to visit if you enjoy singing!  And, if you're one of the really "Serious" types, or a Pro Show Host, there are lots of links provided for accessing sales on sound equipment, system accessories, show supplies, and much, much more...  To make a joyful noise, just
Check It Out HERE:

Howe Industries     -     Protect Your Stuff!

Custom-made cases for all types of equipment, tools, and gear....  Once you've paid for it, it's up to you to protect it, and these guys can help you with top-of-the-line cases built for endurance and mobility!  

Check It Out HERE: