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InfoMarkets                           -A New "You're The Expert" Site That Has JUST LAUNCHED!

This Service is INTERESTING!  It's a lot like the AskMe. com Program, but with a few unique wrinkles all it's own...  Hit yourself a money-making "home run" when you sign up as an "Expert".  It launched and I've already made some money sharing my knowledge and promoting MYSELF!  You can, too....  

Sign up as an Expert for InfoMarkets TODAY!   This is a fantastic way to "work out" on your "short pitch" writing and PR, put yourself in the "hot seat" to stay on your toes in your area of "expertise", and to Promote yourself Professionally!

If that's  not your style, just join as a Seeker. Asking a Question is always FREE.  If you like the pitch someone gives to answer your question, you can dicker over the price next.  You don't pay anything for accepting an "offer" until AFTER you've received an Answer you're SATISFIED with.  Everyone Scores at InfoMarkets...

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You can also see information about most of the         Promotion Materials and Services  available from the ReliableSOURCE! Promotion SUPERSTORE,
 by viewing the services  listed at....
Lbay identifies businesses in one's local area,
across the country,
Lbay lists actual prices for individual products and services and  allows you to comparison shop without leaving your home.
It's "the place to visit BEFORE you shop",
so you can compare and contrast your best options
BEFORE you spend your hard-earned money, honey!

They'll allow you to list YOUR
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too, and in very

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I'll gladly Consult with you on any Public Relations, Promotions
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Now, HERE's Something Different....
"It Pays To Learn"
ItPaysToLearn.com (IPTL) is the exciting new website that will pay its members of all ages for learning lots of important and interesting things. The fun and learning all happen through short interactive quizzes and brain challenges on a variety of subjects and knowledge levels, from beginner to very advanced. IPTL is for everyone from young kids to college professors and senior citizens. And it's all completely free for everyone! You learn a lot while you're having fun....and you get paid to do it! In addition to the money there are lots of great prizes that will be given away randomly to members every month, as well as other much larger merit prizes (even educational "cash scholarship vouchers" you can use yourself or give to others).
As a member you'll be paid for each attempt at every answer or challenge, whether you get it right or not. But you'll receive considerably more for getting the answer right. So you are paid to learn lots of things you don't know, and even more if you know them already. Checks for IPTL are sent out monthly to members who have at least $20 accumulated in their "Knowledge Bank". If there isn't at least $20 in the Knowledge Bank yet, earnings will build until there is at least $20, then a monthly check will be sent to you!
Check It Out HERE:
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