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Whatever Success means to YOU,  
ReliableSOURCE! and the "rSOURCE! Network" exist to HELP YOU
"rSOURCE! Network"
 The Promotion Party
"rSOURCE Network"  is a fresh, "No Bull", Put-Your-Best-Self-Forward, concept for Career Networking that is only just emerging from the "visionary" stage, yet quickly taking on a clearer form and direction!  The "Gist" of the approach here, is this:
FIRST, show up prepared to Promote YOURSELF and further fine-tune your individual PR , Promotion, Networking and Presentation Skills through your participation in a surprising variety of interesting and stimulating Activities, Events, Exercises and Workshops you'll find presented here regularly, but not "repetitively"...
SECOND, show up ready to get involved with productively Promoting OTHERS--your Business Friends;  Actively engage in pooling or sharing resources and trading (win/win) favors;  And co-CREATE ways to "Cross Promote" with other Independent Pros for maximum benefit to EACH & ALL.  TALK ABOUT yourself, and TO each other on the Open Forum/Message Boards, PLEASE!   Get into the "Promote ME-Promote YOU" Program, which debuts hand-in-hand with this Web Site, and THIS month features just two very simple offers from ME -- while I work out the details on how YOU will be able to freely submit your own "Promote ME-Promote YOU" offers.  Stay Tuned for the FIRST on-line "Promotion Party", which will kick-off a distinctively unique MONTHLY "Live Networking" Open House, gauranteed to be FUN, AND make worthy use of your Professional Time!
Already the endlessly evolving options for setting this Network Group "apart" from the rest, where truly supporting YOUR Independent CAREER is the constant goal,  are keeping me up nights!  The first opportunities to work with in the various Practice Labs, Rooms and Info/Activity Centers at ReliableSOURCE!  provide a comfortable, even "familiar" place for us all to begin (we've all considered these issues, and heard some of the advice, tried a few o f the tricks ALREADY, afterall) -- and some fresh terrain to Discover  & Explore from there!  Oh, Friends, I've got PLANS for us at "rSOURCE! Network"!    


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Open Forums and Message Boards
Provided HERE, are also especially for "OUR KIND"...
Play a vital role in defining the ReliableSOURCE! Community, the "rSOURCE! Network" NEWS, the "Promote ME - Promote YOU" Club, the Mystery Shopper's "Best Tips" Board, the Live On-Line Promotion PARTY and "Get Noticed" Workshops, and everything else at ReliableSOURCE!

Start a New Topic anytime  -  Request colleague feedback  - Post questions  
 Share useful tips and  information  - Participate freely in any Discussion that
interests you - Or "just lurk" and  listen in, if you'd like to!

And Just For
ReliableSOURCE!  Community MEMBERS...
Real Research Survey Center PANELISTS...

 YOU ARE especially Welcome and Appreciated !  You are eligible and encouraged to initiate Discussion Forums of your own here!  Contact me if you  also want help getting the word out, to attract quality, productive participants who are interested in, active with and knowledgeable about on your "Business Mind".  It's all FREE, VERY Slick and EASY for you to USE to enhance, support, enlighten and advance your specific Business/Career Interests and Opportunities!

~  Communicate   ~   Brainstorm  ~  Ask for Ideas   ~  
~  Read   ~     Learn   ~   Exchange   ~

~  Succeed  ~

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A Partnership of screened-before-approval
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thru the cooperation of their respective moderators..to make their combined
Forums and Message Boards available to their collective Community Members.

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Please dolet me know if you have ANY Problems with any of them, and don't forget to E-Mail me,  so I can get YOUR LINK, too....    I'll also be installing a new Page to show off All of the already numerous "reciprocal links" to ReliableSOURCE!, in addition to being placed on the Web Site!

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From There, Go Straight to Petonia -- where you can CREATE
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If the Winner opts for helping someone else within the first 30 days,then he/she will be offered one full year's time to select ANY ReliableSOURCE!  PR or Promotion Service at 1/2 Price!
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