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Of course, ask 10 people to define "adventure", and you'll get 10 different answers, so don't let my concept here, lead you astray... This room is not necessarily about swimming the Nile or risking Life and Limb, chasing tornadoes to put food on the table while also satisfying the ravenous "beast" inside!  it IS intended to be a good place to track down creative, business, and even recreational opportunities, that smack of the "unusual", and, more than likely, involve both a will and desire to adopt the "alternative" living style required in order to qualify, and be available, to accept such work.  AND I am looking for the TRULY unique or exotic opportunities that exist, for the very daring, too!
So, take a look at the list--just for fun, or because you long, deep down, to try something really "different" this time around....

DrivingJobs Network     -Ready to "hit the road"??  This Site will hook you up!

Providing every sort of resource imagineable, and MORE for Truckers, both experienced and seeking training, and first-time employment, DJN is REALLY fleshed out!  If you ever considered Driving Truck for a living, but didn't know where to turn to learn about all the options, and just how it could be for YOU--well, now you do!  This Site is TRULY jam-packed with reliable Trucking Industry Info, and even provides additional Links to the "other" Trucker's" Sites!
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InfoHub-     Specialty Travel Guide

The world's largest source for unique adventure, art, learning, and sport vacations. You WILL find your dream vacation at InfoHub!

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Opportunity NOCS          -"The Opportunity To Serve Others Is The Most rewarding Opportunity Of ALL!"

Fed up with the "me, me, me" World of Business?  This Service has a lot of information for you if you'd like to put your skills to work for the "Not-For-Porfit" Sector.  And working for a non-profit doesn't automatically mean you're "just a volunteer", at all!  Many of these types of organizations pay very well, indeed, and most of the positions available positions are genuine "sink your teeth in hard, "top-Professionals only" opportunities.  Some of the more interesting traditional employment and Independent-status jobs anywhere, are listed with Opportunity NOCS....

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