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Creative Matters Of OPINION
Ways To Participate, Impact Our World,
And Get PAID Too!

These Sites center around the sharing of knowledge, experience and personal opinion. Once you're registerd, participation is always  still voluntary, on a "by accepted invitation" basis.

Some are National or Intenational Marketing Research Firms who recruit panel members on-line, and invite them to participate in Surveys when they meet the demographic requirements set forth by the individual Survey Studies they are handling. In exchange for your input you are rewarded with cash, prizes, and/or inclusion in fully-explained drawings, as described in the varying programs. You may also be invited to participate in "focus groups" which pay VERY nicely in exchange for 1-2 hours of your time participating in an on-line discussion group. This is interesting, high-integrity fun!  Personally?  I haven't won any drawngs yet, but I have made some "scratch", that showed up just when I needed it, numerous times!  None of the Surveys take very long, and I only agree to take the Surveys that interest me, so I'm glad to be included... These are the " Having An Opinion PAYS!" Links:

Other Sites in this Practice Lab invite you to register as an "expert" in your particular area(s) of interest and hands-on knowledge. It's OKAY, you can consider yourself to be just pretty dog-gone good  or "Sheepishly GREAT" at you do;  Or have an extensive amateur or professional background in a certain area... Also it doesn't hurt if you happen to be excited about the area(s) in which you COULD very well advise others who have questions about "what" and "How" to go and DO!  

These are great places to visit for getting re-motivated to hone your personal "expertise", find out what you don't know, put your Bad Self forward, actually help someone, establish your personal take on your own "professional worth" (through "bidding" to get PAID to actually give your best service), and MAKE CONTACTS GALORE!  And YES, if the "seeking an expert" party selects your bid, you DO get paid, upon completion of agreed-upon services rendered! See--You can get paid, and expand your human network  just by  practicing "sticking your neck out" a little bit!  It's really not that bad--and the more you stretch, the more versatile you become--THAT can be good for a LOT of reasons!  These are the "You're The EXPERT, So Speak Up!" Links:

Lastly, "knowin'everything"  isn't always ALL it's cracked up to be...  Some-times it's fun to wonder, and then imagine!  And "Finding Out" is never dull or boring!  For some it's definitely the "tryin'ta find out" that holds all the attraction, anyway.....

"Any Which Way YOU Wonder", here are some Sites for assisiting you with firing off any darn good question you'd like to have an answer to!  And most likely, you're gonna get a few answers back, that you can research for yourself, from there!  At one Site, you can even create you own whole Survey!  Remember, the "You're The Expert" Sites just above take questions, too;  But the ones mentioned here are simply the "ASK Any Darn Good Question YOU WANT!" Links:


That's the Overview!   So now, just to Summarize-

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