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You may or may not be aware, that I've been personally PLAGUED by the damage and delays caused by COMPUTER VIRUSES this past year, a number of times....  It's a horrible situation to endure -- ESPECIALLY if you depend on your computer for an income!  And, depending on how the particular virus "works", you may not even be aware you have one, until a LOT of things start going haywire --and that might already pretty late in the game.  It was for me!

So, HEAD'S UP, all of us!  We need to protect ourselves, and also know where to GO, if a virus gets through, despite our anti-virus efforts!

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BeeJay's Mystery Tour

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(Or "How To Keep The Fox OUT Of Your Henhouse!)

"If you or any of your friends have gotten a virus,you know the damage one can cause can be devastating.  But if you're fairly quick to assess that you have such a situation, you can get off with many LESS problems -- and once ident-ified, it's usually not that difficult to remove it.

Go to this URL and download "the cure":

"Just follow the directions. Remember, this won't prevent you from getting a virus, but it will help you clean up the mess!  I suggest you bookmark this page. There are cures for several viruses here, as well as the "Love Virus", which appeared all over the World in early May, 2000."

"In general, to keep yourself protected, make sure you keep your virus protection utility up to date. New viruses are discovered every day!  Currently, there are about 40,000 to 50,000 viruses in the wild (the term used for viruses that are traveling around uncontrolled, and thus able to infect computers). There are other viruses as well."


"Each day, virus specialists are working around the clock to CREATE NEW VIRUSES in a controlled atmosphere-their laboratories (these are called viruses in the zoo). They do this so they can learn about the various effects of viruses and also create cures for them. These viruses (in the zoo) are NOT dangerous to you, the computer user, because once the techs learn all they can about a particular virus, its destroyed."

"If you don't have a virus protection utility on your system, you can get a FREE one here":

"Its called INNOCULATE-IT and can ONLY be used for your personal computer and ONLY on 1 unit.  If, for whatever reason, you suspect that you have a virus (i.e., you actually activated it or installed it--NOT that a virus arrived at your computer attached to an e-mail that you deleted), you can run a real time scan on your system here":

"HOUSECALL will scan, locate and in some cases remove viruses. This is NOT virus protection. Its basically just a reporting system, but it's a good way to either rule out or nail down what the problem IS."

"When you visit the websites for both Housecall and Innoculate-It be SURE you read ALL the directions and follow them. Be patient! Both of these take time, especially Housecall (about 20-30 minutes)."
"For the record, you can get a virus in 3 different ways. The most common is attached to an e-mail. Remember you must download the attachment AND click on it in order to get the virus. Just opening the e-mail will do NOTHING..."

"You can also get a virus if you INSTALL it. If you have a floppy from a friend and that friend unknowingly put an infected file on it, then when you put the floppy into your system AND click on the file, you will get the virus. The same holds true for a hard drive. If you buy a used hard drive and its infected then you will get the virus when you install that drive!"

"Before leaving this subject, I would be remiss if I didn't say a few words about virus HOAXES. Some FOOL (actually many of them) writes up these nonsense virus warnings and sends them out. Well intentioned people such as YOURSELF, pass them to their friends in order to help. Very soon there are hundreds of thousands of these things flying in every direction and to all parts of the world!"

"They usually start off by saying something like-IBM or MICROSOFT announced this just yesterday and there is no known cure.  I say -- BULL!"

"Think about it. The other day when the LOVE virus broke out, you didn't learn about it from one of those nonsense e-mails. The news about that virus was all over the place. It was in the Newspapers, on Radio and TV-- It was publicized EVERYWHERE.  If a virus strikes, you will know about it!  ...and NOT from those corny e-mail warnings. Do yourself and everybody else a favor. DO NOT FORWARD THEM!"

"If you have good reason to believe a warning you receive from someone, BEFORE you forward a similar virus warning to everyone else you know, please check these sites to find out if its real or a hoax.  Go to":


"Can these phony virus warnings cause damage? YOU BET THEY DO. They are one of the PRIME causes for the slowness of the Internet. Believe it or not the Internet has limits. Its hard to visualize but think of it as a large garden hose. With no obstructions, water will pass thru it very easily. But if you put a few handfuls of sand into the hose, the water flow slows up. Those phony virus warnings ARE THE SAND. Consider this."We are spending much more time de-bunking hoaxes than handling real virus incidents." -- a statement from the U.S. Dept. of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC)."


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