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The work is "taking shape" in here!  There are only a few links below, but I'm satisfied that they are all very nice ones to share with you... Thanks for "bearing with" as this room continues to expand.  I have a lot more planned for this room in the next weeks, so don't forget to come back every so often!

Writer's Haven     -     The journalist's "Port In A Storm"   I'll let the Site Owners Explain It To You In Their OWN Words....

We are tremendously excited to unveil what could be the best thing to happen to Writers since the word processor. Writer's Haven is the writer's one stop resource for instant creativity , discussion, and even publishing!

No where else will you be able to find completely free publishing. Writer's Haven is pioneering the field of rapid online publication. If you have a novel, short story, poetry, prose, non-fiction work, or any other creation, submit it to Writer's Haven for instant publication today!

Finally, what is more gratifying than receiving feedback on your work. The Forum allows writers from around the world to discuss, create, or just chat. Writer's Haven is about freedom, collaboration, and creativity.

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Check It Out HERE:

Writing For Money          -  "Yes, Virgina, you really CAN get paid for doing work that you LOVE!"  And it's OKAY to have a few LEADS sent your way, too!

This resourceful Web Site page is "all about the business" of WORKING as a Professional Writer, and Owner John Clausen, has been working very hard to help make that possible for all of his subscribers. This site sports some FREE services, but the "main deal" is a reasonably priced full-year membership and subscription that let you in on ALL of the ligitmate JOB LEADS and resources for Writer's he has drummed up--and they information is plentiful!  If you're serious about really working and being paid as a Pro, This Service is an excellent one to consider putting out a little money for.  the returns look quite promising!

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Check It Out HERE:

 Special ALERT from WritingFor Money:

I just wanted to let you know that we're still offering a FREE one-month trial subscription to Writing for Money, the online journal for freelance writers. You've been receiving our Heads-Up Alerts for some time now and we thought you might be ready to take advantage of the FREE offer.

If you're interested, go to www.writingformoney.com/freesub1 on the Internet and follow the simple directions.

Here's how the offer works: You go to the site I mentioned above and fill out a brief informational form. Then hit "continue." This will take you to the second page, which will ask you to choose a user name and password (so that you can access WfM 7 days a week, 24 hours a day).

You'll also be asked to leave a credit card number. We won't charge your number. If, at the end of the free one-month trial subscription, you decide to become a paid subscriber...simply do nothing. We'll charge your card $7.95 per month for your subscription. If you decide not to become a paid subscriber, just send me an email (any time during the free-trial-subscription period) and let me know. We'll cancel your subscription at the end of the one-month free trial period and that will be the end of it. We will continue to send you the Heads-Up Alerts whether you decide to subscribe or not...just as a courtesy to a fellow writer. I hope you'll decide to join us.

Best regards,
John Clausen
Writing for Money

And HERE's Just One Of the Opportunities John can turn you on to....

If you can transform business topics into hip, irreverent copy, then we may have the perfect freelance opportunity for you. We've just posted information (5/5/00) on a major business magazine looking for writers who can approach familiar business topics in a new and provocative manner. The pay is good, up to $750 for features, they pay on acceptance, they buy only first rights, and they buy a lot of freelance work. You'll find all the details in our Magazine category in the Who's Buying What section of www.writingformoney.com


Writer's Riot     -The Site Where Creative Collaborating Is Creating An Absolute Riot, and The Opportunity To Collaborate is "at LARGE"!

The Internet's first realtime collaborative (round-robin) story system. Be the reader, writer, or even the editor....  

The Writer's Round is a collaborative story system where no one knows where the story will go. Start a story and be the editor, continue someone else's work, or just write a story for everyone to see.  Do you have things to say? A story to review? Leave comments on the Graffiti Wall...

Writer's Riot! is the only place on the internet where your imagination creates fun for everyone.  Stop "sniffing around" in all the wrong places....

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Check It Out HERE:

Vault.com     -I'll get you a link... But here's a little notice that came to me JUST for WRITERS, so I'll post it for you straight-away!

Vault is an absolutely OUTSTANDING site for entrepreneur and small-business enterprises.  The reliable info here just keeps coming, and they offer a LOT of ways to interact with the community there, too, including the newsletter that is referenced below.  Go Visit www.Vault.com, and, if you're the type of writer they're looking for, why not follow up on this lead??  Check Out The Notice Here:

Welcome to the Weekly Career Update from Vault.com.  Would you like to write for this newsletter?  Vault.com is looking for freelancers to submit career oriented articles for experienced professionals.  

Write to newsletters@staff.vault.com for more information.
Nikki Scott
Features Editor

 eBookStand          -Get Yourself Published FAST and FOR REAL!

This is a well-established Internet-based Publishing Service, that helps LOTS of Writers get their work OUT, and VISIBLE to the Public. You can even make SALES here, if I'm not mistaken...A lot more can happen from there, and as you probably already know, NOT a lot can REALLY begin to happen in your career until you ARE PUBLISHED!  There are numerous options for use at E-Book Stand, so go visit, and let me know how they measure up for YOU and your career goal-forwarding needs, please!

Check It Out HERE:

Photos To Go     -For Journalists Who Need Photos For Their Work NOW!

This is definitely one quick, efficient and very well-stocked photo archive and retrieval Service, offering access to 1000's of photograph images "with a click".  I'm sure how the costs average out--it depends on your needs and how much you use the service, so it's impossible to say how inexpensive or not it could turn out to be, case-by-case.  But if you need a photos for your work, and your NOT a photographer, or just didn't "get" the shot you envisioned, this is the first place to look for help!

Check It Out HERE:

Become a Photos To Go Afflilate! Click here! affliliate program!

Ancestry.com     -For writers who's work is Historical in nature...

This Service enables you to look literally anyone up, who is no longer "with us", and will help you to check and re-check the relationship FACTS, before you present your manuscript or article.  Invaluable for wrting that HAS to be "historically correct"!  

Check It Out HERE:

Search 274 Million Names at Ancestry.com!

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If you happen to visit any of the types of Sites I'm questing after, already, and KNOW of a terrific Company or Site that I haven't tracked down yet, PLEASE, if you would, LET ME KNOW, so I can go check it out, and make arrangements for including the information here, for all the Creative Writers who visit this ReliableSOURCE!  "Focused Interests" room.

To say "THANKS" for contributing to the expansion of "the Writer's Desk",
EVERYONE who E-Mails me or places an entry for a Lead in the Guestbook,    will be placed in a monthly drawing for a

Personal Biography

If you've never used one in your portfoilo, or included one along with your resume and application, you might consider trying it!  A Bio is a wonderful supplement to the more "traditional standards only please" resume piece, and gives potential clients or employers a "different" view of you and your professioinal history.

 You have a lot of "conversational" freedom within a Bio, and it's OKAY to show a little personality, too.  Why not include one with your next presentation and see how it affects your response quotient??  Even in the "driest" of fields, employers are looking for real people with a tasteful amount of "verve" to STAND OUT.

If you'd like more info about this specialized promotion item, or to see some examples of good ones, just E-Mail me through the link provided above, and dog-gone it, go ahead--ASK ME!

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