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I have 10+ years experience freelancing in Public Relations, Marketing Research, Fund Raising and Special Promotions. I am an Expert at creating resumes, cover letters, fliers and other promotional materials;  Event and Project Coordinating;  Creating and Conducting Surveys and Feasibility Studies;  And I have extensive experience Speaking before the Public, Interviewing Applicants and Performers,and  Reviewing Web Sites, Businesses and Musical Acts.

I am also a Professional Entertainer of 15 years experience, and have a wide-ranging background in both Entertainment Booking and Artist Promotion. I have taught Adult Education courses on "self-promotion", and look forward to teaching again this WINTER, at North Idaho College, In Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  I  Freelance as a Promotions Consultant for Small Business Owners, Artists and other Entrepreneurs.

Doree Taylor aka ReliableDoree,
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....they did a super-nice Interview /Article on "moi", right on the Home Page of their FANTASTIC  "Web Site for Women In Business On The Internet", and I can't possibly thank them enough for selecting little me.  Please head over and check it all out!  You'll be VERY impressed with this Web Site, I'm certain....  To find the article, on their Home Page just click "Girl Geek of the Week", and then click on the Archives.  You'll find it in the August, 2000 folder!

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