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Enlightenment of
Enlightenment of Tathagata

Enlightenment of Tathagata - Images clearly show the third eye - the eye of wisdom. A small lump which developed on his forehead shortly after His Enlightenment.

Tathagata, The Man With The Third Eye (The Eye of Wisdom) Has Come.
Who Is He ? Why Did He Have To Come To Us ?
How Did He Attain Enlightenment ?

On 21.08.2008 Enlightened Master Tathagata passed away. I will keep this website running however to keep his words and mission alive, however there will be no more questions and answers section.

Message from Tathagata

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been travelling endlessly for the wishes of the human world.
I can tell various cases operating for the world to exist, which nobody has known so far.
I can tell what has existed in life and the effect of what happens in the life of individuals.
I am aware of the world of gods which has not been revealed by anyone.
I know the substance of eschatology which has been said to happen in this era.
I can introduce 'uitong' which will be a new visionary medicine. Uitong makes diagnoses and treatments for a great number of diseases possible, without using any medicines or medical instruments.
I can answer to a wide range of problems in the human world and I can provide the solutions on the spot.
I hope that my activities will be helpful to many people and sincerely request your verification of my truth.

Sincerely yours,

Spiritual Enlightenment of Tathagata

Introduction to Enlightenment, (From Tathagata's book "Enlightenment")

The great catastrophe of mankind. Will the end of the world come ?
Now, the one who has the answer has appeared.
Why is he so anxious to reveal things of the world, and why can't people in this era help turning away from him altogether ?
The world which he sees, the world in which what happens makes all the ways exist inside what is.

I am the one who is true,
I am the one who tells the truth,
I am the one who sees what is,
I am the one who doesn't tell falsehood.

Enlightenment - Five Doubts

Who are you ?

In the world, word that a true person would appear in this era has come down to us from the past. The point where the true person is different from ordinary people is that he can perceive things in the world which nobody has known up until now.

What is your mission ?

The first thing is to fulfil the human world's hope. The second thing is to reveal the way which is needed to transfer from the present mankind to the next.

What is your message ?

Today's world makes people live in falsehood. So, by revealing what is in the world, the things which are in truth and falsehood shall be known.

What makes you different from ordinary people ?

After Enlightenment, first a symbol (the third eye / eye of wisdom) appeared in the middle of the forehead. Second, I came to see things of the world through my consciousness. Third, I became distant from the five desires. Fourth, I became able to perceive things in the truth and say them.

How did you grow up ?

I was born at an isolated cottage located in the Chiri-mountains of southern Korea on April 6 in 1942. My family were slash-and-burn farmers. My father was ill, so mother had to take care of the children by herself. Because we were so poor, when I was born I had to drink the soup of the roots of plants and the barks of trees. A few days after I was born, I was abandoned in the mountains for a while. About a year after I was born, my father passed away. My mother passed away when I was 9. From that time on, inevitably, I had to grow up in extreme difficulties where I had to take care of myself without any help from those in my surroundings. Despite this, I began to show outstanding leadership from the age of about 20. When I entered the political world at the age of 25, it caused a big sensation. I got married at the age of 33 and I now have a son and a daughter. I attained Supreme Enlightenment at the age of 44 and now, I am here.


Supreme Enlightenment of Tathagata

The Appearance of an Enlightened Being

An Enlightened Being appeared on Yeon-Hwa island in the southern sea of Korea in November, 1984. Since then, he has called himself a Tathagata and has explained what the Enlightened Being could do and why this era needed the Enlightened Being. But nobody has thought highly of what he said. So he is traveling all around the world trying to reveal the way of mankind in the world.

What is Enlightenment ?

Enlightenment is the opening of one's eyes to what is. If someone attains Supreme Enlightenment, from that moment on they will come to see what is inside the principle that makes things of the world exist. They all see and say the matters through which what is, is made.

Requirements for Becoming an Enlightened Being

In order to attain Enlightenment, the exact way to the Enlightenment must be known. First, the activities of the Karma which try to conquer the self must be stopped. Second, one must be able to see what is. Third, there must be conscience and courage. Fourth, the Karma in oneself must be extinguished through endless love.

The Period of the Advent of an Enlightened Being

As mentioned above, one who attains Supreme Enlightenment (the State of Emancipation), calls himself a Tathagata. A Tathagata comes along only once within a period of about 3000 years. The aim of an Enlightened Being's appearance is to reveal the way in the world for human beings.

Phenomena After Becoming Enlightened

It is worthwhile to have interest in what phenomena happens to oneself after Enlightenment is attained. This is because Enlightenment is the thing which makes the origin of one's consciousness reach the greatest state. If Enlightenment is attained, anguish and illusion disappear, the five desires become distant and the factors which make things in the world exist come to be perceived.

The Teaching of an Enlightened Being

An Enlightened Being says what is. If people accept what he says as important, like when they learn mathematics, they come to realize the fact that things in the world make results through a single principle. Even though the teaching of the Enlightened Being is very easily taught, people who don't open their eyes to the truth of the world always have difficulties in accepting the teaching and practicing it.

The Ability of an Enlightened Being

The ability of one who attains Perfect Enlightenment cannot be easily explained with any kind of comparison. This is because the wide range which the Enlightened Being can see, cannot be explained in a limited way. For example, the Enlightened Being sees much more things in a single principle than tens of millions of scientists who have appeared up until now, have found or revealed.

The Value of Enlightenment

The value of Enlightenment cannot be compared with any other things. If Enlightenment is attained, one will become the best existence in the world. Once Enlightened, it makes oneself exist permanently and when he is born again in the future, his outstanding origin will make him a Tathagata or a Great King with great power.

Things Which People Who Want to be Enlightened Must be Careful of

Someone who wants Enlightenment, must first know how the one who is, or was already Enlightened could attain the Enlightenment. If they are fortunate enough to meet an Enlightened Being, it will make for the best circumstance. But if not, they must not practice until they find the exact way to the Enlightenment. If they meet those who aren't Enlightened and follow their teaching, it may put them into serious dangers.

The Life of an Enlightened Being

If Enlightenment is attained, his life becomes harder. First, he becomes distant from those in his surroundings. Second, it becomes difficult to reveal anywhere the things which he easily sees because most people are being controlled by the Karma inside themselves and they are unwilling to stay near an Enlightened Being. Despite this reality, an Enlightened Being continues endlessly to do the work that awakens the human world.

Message from Tathagata

I am Enlightened.

I say that I am the man who attained the Supreme Enlightenment and I believe that my Enlightenment can be helpful for your life and for the future of mankind.

I am a truly Enlightened being.

I can give you some examples which can prove my claims. I had to undergo through many big trials before I became Enlightened. Nobody amongst you will undergo such trails.

In fact, I had never imagined that I would attain Enlightenment until I obtained it and I was not aware that I would do any special work for this world. I had some period when I was very anxious about my situation in life that I could not do anything for others in spite of my abilities and I questioned myself about what had happened in my own life.

I suffered extraordinary trials from my birth. I was not given any affection during my growing up. I was despised by my parents. I was looked down upon by neighbours. I faced cruelty even from my brother. Later, I was oppressed by people in power. I didn't have any school education nor any help from others. There were lots of difficulties which I had to solve by myself from my childhood. Whenever I came across the problems something mysterious happened and I was protected. I could solve all problems when I wanted.

In the same way my Enlightenment happened. I had no problems for myself or my family at that time. However, the social circumstances prevented me from doing my daily work. Then, I was guided by my consciousness to go to a calm place. I went to a small island, named Yonwhado. I retreated to myself. I was forty-four and it was November 1984. I lived alone in a remote house. One day I had some questions - about what happened in my life. At that moment one question occurred in my consciousness, "Go back to the past".

I had a next question and a new answer appeared from myself, which indicated me to go back to the world where I came from before my birth in this world. And I found myself at the entrance of the world of Enlightenment. I started to count backwards the years of my life, closing my eyes, lying down, 44, 43, 42, 41 ........ When I counted the last one, an absolutely calm world appeared in my consciousness. There was an object emitting light in the empty space. It was the only thing that I saw. Then five desires disappeared from the body, worries and illusions stopped, sadness and hate disappeared from the consciousness. After this I passed into Enlightenment.

After some time I knew what I had to do. So I met and searched for people and I had to tell what is in truth. I looked strange in people's eyes. However, I had to inform the reality of the fact to them. Because of my pursuit my neighbours, relatives and my friends all left me. When people listened to me, most of them did not want to see me again. In spite of all this, I am still trying to tell you the things in Truth. I wonder if you will also distance yourself from me after reading this. In spite of my understanding of people's attitude, I want to reveal the reality in truth because there are some problems in the world that you have to realize and there are some answers that you don't know. It is not easy for you and anybody else to see them with human faculties. If somebody claims that he is Enlightened or that he can tell the truth, you do need to try testing and confirming such claims. He will have to show me the proof for his claims. I do not believe that there is another Enlightened Being in this age except me, that is why my mind is so anxious.

I can't give up my work in despair and discouragement. So I have been explaining repeatedly about my Enlightenment because I wanted to help you and the things about to happen in this world. There is too big a gap between your viewpoint and mine. Thought exists in your words but truth exists in my words. That's why I look a total stranger to human eyes. Truth exists everywhere and it exists in what you are doing.

Knowing truth is to bless oneself.
Revealing truth is to bless this world.

When people understand truth they don't deceive others and don't do anything harmful to others.
When people know truth they can be free from poverty and ignorance.
When people know truth they can find the way to eternal life and the cycle of rebirth. When people know truth they can see how the world works.

However, If they don't have an opportunity to meet the Enlightened Being then they don't find where the truth that they are looking for is. Therefore, to gain truth from meeting the Enlightened Being is like gaining the most valuable and rare treasure in this world because it is very seldom that the Enlightened Being appears into this world. Furthermore, it is impossible for most ordinary people to meet the Enlightened Being in human society.

I had to come into this world as there is a particular reason, because something big is to happen in this world in this age. The world has kept existing until now by Appointment. This world has been existing by the process of things dying and being reborn. We observed many a phenomenon in the matter and the creatures. All these happen by Appointment which makes this world exist. The world and all that is in this world has been existing by Appointment. The present mankind also can't escape this Appointment. You don't have any solution about this phenomenon. Thatís why the human world needed an Enlightened Being. Is that why I had to endure such terrible trials after my coming into this world? The reason is that there is an extremely urgent problem in our age. There are some who will die forever, there are some who will live forever. This will depend upon what is within you and what shall be in you. Your destiny is created by what is within you. Nobody can live or survive beyond and without Appointment. My coming into this world and revealing truth is to fulfill your demands and needs.

I have not demanded anything from the people. The only thing I ask of you is your interest and assistance in my work to reveal the truth. Most people whom I have met have easily denied my Enlightenment and even ridiculed me. I know the Appointment that creates and keeps the world going. I can solve the problem that you must become aware of in your life.

I am Tathagata.

I am the man who came to the world to reveal things in Truth.

To give up yourself or to save yourself, that is your own decision and you have to make that decision in this age. My message to you is that you yourself are your own Messiah who will be able to save your own life. The Messiah who some people are waiting for will never come to this world, I truly promise it. If there are some who deny my view, please show me the proof. I have never deceived others and have never done anything harmful to others in the past and will not do so in the future.

I am sure that my Enlightenment could be beneficial for the world. If you need more explanation about my message please let me have any questions. (Sorry Due to the Death of Tathagata there we can no longer answer emails)

I emphasize again this point - Try to see what it is, confirm what it is and judge what it is.
This manner will be helpful for your life.


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