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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Mav

Dear Tathagata,

I am not sure that you will receive this email, for I am not sure that you (you as in an individual that allegedly possesses the eye of wisdom) truly exist (existing in the sense that you are a man that achieved enlightenment and now have a third eye. Please forgive my skepticism, but how would we learn a thing if we did not question. Well sir or madam, or group of individuals making money off of this site, I do humbly request an email containing the answer to the question I am going to ask. Can we meet on some other plane so that I may have a more in depth encounter with you? If this question cannot be answered, I have another question that could be answered in its place. I attempted to meditate, and I saw an eye. This eye contained a tunnel. The tunnel started at the pupil and went inward, toward my inner self. It went so inward that the tunnel, or by now a path, began to travel outward. Can you tell me your interpretation of this dream?


Answer from Tathagata