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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Paul Klein

Good Morning Tathagata,

For the last 15 1/2 years I have been having real/genuine miraculous experiences of God. I have nothing to gain by writing this. I have had the truth of reality literally pounded into me by God. I am not lying. I don't have a website or a book nor do I intend to. What I have been reading in this website is not the truth. Reality is not this way at all. There actually is no karma at all. Karma is an illusion created by God. It has no actual reality. It actually does not exist. It will only effect your thoughts temporarily. It will never actually effect you at all. You will not believe what I say at all, because you believe you know it all already. You are trapped in the illusion of this idea. Most all of what you say is not true. Human life, God and the reality of the world are far different from what you are writing in your website. Oh well. What can be done? Nothing. You will not find out the truth because you will refuse to change.

Paul I. Klein

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Paul,

Your judgement is wrong. Enlightenment is not given by god but coming true by one's effort. It's only possible by accumulated effort. And if I said falsehood, you should show the proof but without any proof it's not right to say something is truth or not. I never say any falsehood.