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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Prasanta Nayak

Dear Tathagata,

Please help me and my fellow men to get enlightenment.
Please send a letter about the process of getting enlightenment .
With regards.

Prasanta Nayak

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Nayak,

It's easy to say about the process of enlightenment but in fact, without self-discipline and endeavour for a long time, to accept and walk the road is very hard to all of people. If you have a relationship with me and meet me, I will tell you the secret how I can attain enlightenment.


Further Resonse from Nayak

Dear Tathagata,

Is it the only way that I will meet then find secret from you the path of enlightenment . by mail you can give me instruction which will show me the path. I am unable to meet you because it is too expensive for me to go from India to meet you.

With regards
Prasanta Nayak

Further Reply from Tathagata

Dear Nayak,

If I guide you through mail, It will be very hard to you to believe and accept. If you ask what you want to know in front of me, I can explain that with various examples. But I can not write down all the examples on the mail. If you want to know something very important part, it's good to ask. However, for realizing well things in the world, we have to fully understand the problem and process, things in the process which exist between the problem and other problem, result.