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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Andy

Dear Tathagata,

Hi my name is Andy
I have been diagnosed with something the modern world calls de-personalization disorder it basically means that I am detatched from my body it is as though I am watching my life play out as if I am above myself looking down. I look at the world and thing around me dont seem to have any defined edges its as though everything around me is merged together in some way I decided to seek some alternative medicines as all doctors wanted to do was to load me up with pills was seeing an Indian lady who practiced kinsieology and she discovered that I had high levels of sprituality, astro projection do you think that I have started a kind of path to enlightenment or am I just going crazy

I would appreciate your thoughts

Many Thanks


Answer From Tathagata

Dear Andy,

I realized you are in a very hard situation by your e-mail. Even though you take pills, they don't cure your problem. First of all, you need to know a cause for curing the sickness. Other soul's activity is starting inside of you. That's why your consciousness may divide from your body sometimes. You should regard this happening as quite bad. What the Indian woman said has no evidence and it is just talking about spiritual world. So, it's not a quite worthy thing. You are not starting Enlightenment. In the result, you just got a handicap that makes you feel uncomfortable in an ordinary life. The way to cure it is simple but I'm far away from you and I can not help you right now. However, if you ask me what you want, my detailed answer will be sent you as your question.