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Tathagata a Question
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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Alex

Dear Tathagata,

My name is Alex.

I believe everyone has the potential to liberate from their own ego. I am glad you have liberated from yours. I agree we are living in an era that is shifting. My intuition tells me we are going to liberate as one, many people will find freedom from their egos. When the balance flips, the rest will follow automatically.

The current system is failing. Its the best system available for the current man but its nowhere near perfect. I believe that through liberation a new system can be built that supports all, money will no longer exist. This system will be formed from a foundation of pure love for one another, an honest existance. This is what I believe in and I believe that it is my purpose in this life time as well as many others to help others see this and help them to free themselves from struggle, I must first free myself from my own. I am not enlightened,
will I be, perhaps I will, perhaps I won't but the work must be done in this life time to lay the foundations for the future generations.

What is your definition of enlightenment. Mine is freedom from the ego, many people have achieved this. Ok, its hard to be completely disconnected from attachment, love is an attachment and is a healhty
one, love is very important and should never be abandoned. Love of our families, love of our natural surroundings, love of life itself. Friends are important, these too are attachments, its important to
distance ourselves from material things, I believe we can use them and appreciate there function but aim to remain detached from identity.

I would like to have freedom from my ego, many spiritual people in this world, many great healers who are in direct contact with the source. I do not understand, why are you the only man for supreme
enlightenment, surely we are all one, surely enlightenment is available for all. I don't doubt your enlightenment I don't understand why you say your the only man for this world to have enlightenment and yet you think we should all liberate, you didn't make any sense. Can you please help me to understand what you meant.
Is supreme enlightenment a bridge above enlightenment as I thought enlightenment was simply liberation.

Thanks Alex

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Alex,

The definition of enlightenment is to open one's eye to reality.
The supreme enlightenment is to see what reality is.
Enlightenment is needed to be separated from all of Karma but people can not remove their Karma in their Motae and this is the reason why ordinary people can not enlighten themselves.
Even though your enthusiasm is great, you don't know basic knowledge. So, I 'm not sure that you can understand what I tell you well or not.