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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Helen

Dear Tathagata.

I do recognize you, based on your words. Do you recognize me? What else can you tell me about me?

My enlightenment experience:
I saw this light that was brighter than a million suns. It was not hot or harsh, but a deep clarity and was most blissful. Briefly before that was the sound of a million humming bees - best that I can describe it. With the brilliant light, everything seemed clear to me, and I was a million times more awake than I was in any waking moment in my life. Every knowledge seemed open to me, but I didn't care, since all was perfect and all was answered without words. And all space was open to me, and I was without limit. The light was bliss, love, wisdom, joy and without limit, and much more. At the moment I was bliss, love, wisdom, joy and without limit, and much more.
I am never the same after that. I love all beings. And I'll gladly die for any of them. Not that I have a messiah complex or anything like that. It is as if an elder brother will take a beating for his little brother, thinking that he's bigger and can handle the beating better. Or the hand automatically sticks out and shields the face from the heat of fire. I and my brothers and sisters are ultimately connected.
After reading some of what you said, I agree with what you meant by Karma and Destiny. That is similar to how I see them as well. I view Karma as a momentum of our previous actions.
So here's my question:
I want to know what enlightenment experience did you have beyond what I have described above as my own. I am very interested in knowing that.
And, do you recognize me? Who am I?
As I said, I do recognize you. But perhaps I expect more bliss in between your words. Knowledge can be a burden. Enlightenment can be a burden. That's why I didn't take myself or my enlightenment that seriously. That has kept me more centered in the blissful light. Don't feel alone. We are all connected.


Answer from Tathagata