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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Pankaj Mittal

Mr. Tathagata,

I am trying to get enlightenment from years but no great success. I am able to see some light but for few seconds.
How do you concentrate for long on the same ?
Is it true that we can see future and past after enlightenment ?
Are we able to see the exisitance of GOD after enlightenment ?
Pls reply, I am more curious about enlightenment and want to get the same.

Pankaj Mittal

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Pankaj,

It is a very difficult thing to everyone to find and to reach the destination without knowing the way. For attaining enlightenment, first of all, we should know the way of the enlightenment. But you look like you've never learned and heard from anyone yet. If you attain enlightenment, every karma in yourself will disappear that's why you will be free from evil passions and delusions. After that you can always live in peace.