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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Leon

Dear Tathagata

I have a few questions concerning the  third eye which has appeared on your forehead:

1. May I ask, how long did it take for the third eye to form ? For example, did the third eye appear
immediately when you went back to the world of origin, or did it appear gradually after that?

2. Can you tell me what the third eye is composed of ? For example, is there a physical eye or is it composed of other substances?

3. On the website you said in response to a question that the third eye appears in
the body of a person who loves the world forever after attaining a perfect enlightenment. Did Gautama Buddha get a third eye?
Pictures of him show a circular bump closer to his eyebrows, which looks physically different from the
third eye that Tathagata has and I am wondering if there is any kind of difference at all.

4. Finally, does the perfectly enlightened being make the third eye on his forehead by himself or does it
appear by itself after the enlightenment ?

Thanks so much
Leon Stravinsky

Answer From Tathagata

Dear Leon

There is one reason why I can not answer you clearly. First of all, no matter how I explain to you about the appearance of those who had the third eye. I want to know how you can understand about my explanation through which method because there are few or no records to show the appearance of those who had the third eye.
The third eye is the seal of one man who was born with a special mission in the world. The frequency of appearance of those who had the third eye is just one or two men during 5 to 10 thousand years.  If you want to know more than this, you should come and see with your naked eye what the third eye is and I think it will be good for you to listen to the explanation about it.
However, to verify this kind of thing is very valuable for your life, more than what you will pay for coming here.

2. There is one principle in the world. According to the principle, gas can be changed to solid in some cases and solid can be changed to liquid.
Pure energy (Jin Gi) of the body gathers on the center of forehead and forms into the third eye. If we dissect the body, this is just one of the sarira. So, this is a material and it's just a material which has special nature.

3. I've never seen any records to show the third eye on Gautama's forehead. When Gautama was alive, there wasn't any camera. Therefore, the evidence what you saw is not a photograph taken in real life. If someone had drawn it, he or she could add one symbol as a seal of saint on the picture. I can not answer to this question because I didn't verify that directly.

4. If one man who had attained supreme enlightenment had come to this world with a mission for saving mankind then the third eye would appear on the man's forehead. But it's been a very long time without such a case in this world, so it will be better to answer carefully to this kind of things.