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Enlightenment Questions - Question From R E Greene

Dear Tathagata,

The Messiah has already come. If you were "enlightened" you would be
able to see him here, with us. The question though is, where is your
proof that the Messiah has not already come ? How else do you think you,
or I, or anyone, could see anything ? I know though that I am not my own
Messiah, I was incapable of saving myself.

R. E. Greene

Answer from Tathagata

Dear R.E. Greene,

The Messiah has a proof which can prove he or she is the Messiah. If you show me the proof clearly and the proof comes out clearly in real then I will go and meet him or her. But I've never heard and verified any information from anywhere that someone came into world as the Messiah except me. I've traveled many times for this matter and I've spent for many hours in travel.