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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Alvyjane

Dear Tathagata,

Good afternoon, I'm Alvyjane Medel Roque, married & 26 years old. I often dreamt of dead people and after a week, my dreams became clear to myself that it is happening. The scene in my dream became real. I remember one night, I dreamt that one of my friend is drowning and after a month, it was happened. There's also a times that I often felt some strange feelings to someone, then after that I confess my feelings to that someone, I just realize that there's something on him/her. I also try to predict someone's future and I don't know if by coincidence, it became true. I don't know what's this weird thing happening in me. Somebody told me that I had a third eye which I don't exactly have no idea how it was exist in one's life..
Can you help me to answer my doubting situation?

Thanks! Alvyjane

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Alvyjane,

In fact, it's a very misfortune thing for your consciousness and soul. Please, keep this in your mind. If you want to save your soul and you can accept this answer, please ask me again what you need to do for yourself.


Further Response from Alvyjane

Dear Tathagata,

Good afternoon Sir,
I will always keep that in my mind... can I ask the thing that I have to do for myself ?


Further Response from Tathagata

Dear Alvyjane,

I will answer you kindly whatever you tell me. I will apologize and take a responsibility if there is something wrong with my answer. But I don't think I speak wrong way because I'm the one who can see the world. So, if there is anything can be helpful for you and you ask me of that, I will do to help it.
If you want to free yourself from ghosts, you need a special treatment. I have to check that I can cure you but I have a lot of experiences to cure people the same as you in the past. Therefore, do not give up your hope and in case of that you really want to do this, then we need to talk this matter deeply. And please, by yourself, show your will to solve this problem.