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Ummmmm...... not, seeing as how it's now August of 2004!  Obviously, plans for have been scrapped.  The content on this site will stay here for as long as Tripod wants it to, but this will be the last update.  Webmaster Steve Wingate now operates for Greg Capes of Los Angeles, CA.  So, all the best stuff from TCGOB can now be found at:

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Last Updated 08-12-04

TCGOB Humor: Technology?  Darn Tootin' by Steve Wingate.  Digital cable?  We don't need no steenking digital cable!

TCGOB Humor: Guest Columnist:  "The Big Scare" by Jenna Wing.  A liitle story about the supposed demise of George the Tom Cat.

All About TCGOB: Updated material and new pictures.

Reader's Rides:  Kevin's 1984 Trans Am.  Read Kevin's story about his meticulously maintained 84 TA.

Photo Garage has been updated for the first time since December 2002.  TCGOB has arranged a "partnership" of sorts with to provide better quality and a better variety of pictures.  Also thanks to MCC, you'll be able to actually hear exhaust sounds from some of these cars, and video from others.  Just follow the link to MCC on specified pages to see and hear muscle car grunt.

New Letters!  Greg Capes, president of MCC, writes us yet again.  Keep 'em comin' Greg!

FAQ: New question added to the TCGOB FAQ.

Buy the book!  Click here!TCGOB columnists Steve Wingate and Jan Bazen will be appearing in the upcoming book Chicken Soup for The NASCAR Soul to be released in April of 2003.  Both Steve and Jan have two stories in the publication, which marks the first time that either one of them have been "in print".  The book features 101 stories of "courage, speed, and overcoming adversity."  Also look for stories by Ned Jarrett, Jeff Gordon, Bobby Labonte, and Robby Gordon.  You can buy this book at most major online booksellers (i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.,) or at your local bookseller or retail chain store.  Steve and Jan would like to thank everyone at Chicken Soup for this awesome opportunity.

Last Update

Empire Design: Car Portraits from across the pond.  See your ride in water color!

Complete Works of Steve Wingate: TCGOB webmaster and columnist Steve Wingate now has a page that lists all of his short works from TCGOB, SCC, MCC, Chicken Soup for The Soul, &

Letters to TCGOB: Read some of the outrageous, hateful, funny, and neat things people have said to TCGOB over the years.

The Beast Awakens: by Steve Wingate.  Automotive fumbling at it's very best.  Originally appeared on

Senior Burn Out Day: by Steve Wingate.  Just a little stroll down amnesia lane.  Originally appeared on

Reader's Rides: Greg Capes (MCC webmaster) sends us pics of his ride... the first ever motorcycle featured on TCGOB.  Also added pics of a 1970 Corvette Mako II Replica. Added a new complete list of the individual cars in Reader's Rides.

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