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Letters to TCGOB
Here we present some of the letters we have received over the years.  Please note that the complimentary ones contain nearly perfect grammar and punctuation, while the negative ones usually appear to have written by people who were probably still in third grade when they started shaving.  These comments were written in response to various articles or features around the site.  Please note that we inserted comments when needed, although these were not the actual responses that were emailed back to the letter writers.

I loved the driving music section, alway appreciate another''s selections, but I can't believe you missed Deep Purple''s Highway Star!! Ever since I found that song, it sings to me whenever I'm driving one of my big-block Mopar musclecars!! It may be cliche with the name and lyrics, but that song just runs through you, egging you on to break laws! My and my girlfriend once had that song on a CD in each of cars, and had an all out race from where I worked home, about 15 miles of pedal to the floor, 120 plus MPH race between my Plymouth Duster and her Miata! It was great (and stupid, but we''re young!!)!!  If I had to pick an all-out best driving song, Highway Star by Deep Purple would be it!  Love the page!

Put your food trays in the upright position, turn off all electrical devices, keep all loose objects in your pockets, fasten seat belts and prepare for takeoff, we're in the GROOOOOOOOVE now buddy!!! Only way to go is up!!!!

Gene Poole (aka Greg Capes)
Steve-o, well I'm not sure if I will ever be exited about anything else....ever! Yesterday I shot my friends 1967 Shelby GT 500 for the calendar and got so much more. I rode for about 6 good hours in the Shelby to the photo shoots (4 different locations), friends houses, his parents house for a homemade chicken dinner w/ warm apple pie & vanilla ice-cream (a big deal if you're a bachelor). And at one point as we're driving down a city street Jay looks over and while sporting a deviant grin says "you may want to get this on film" he then proceeds to run that beautiful GT 500 up to over 140 mph!!!! We then stop behind an industrial strip and he uncorks a bud light marinated, smoke billowing, high rpm burnout that still brings a tear to the eye. What a glorious day indeed. The only problem is how the hell do you ever enjoy anything else in life after that? What else is there? A trip to the moon, play with the Rolling Stones, find Noah's Ark? Well my friend I'm not done yet. We drive over to one of his shops and meet up with his partner who's driving a 2000 Mustang Cobra R. A 2000 Mustang Cobra R. A 2000 Mustang Cobra R. "Hey Fred, wanna do a burnout for a video"? "Naw do it". Jay "OK". In the books. A car made without a radio, air conditioning, heater, rear seat, warranty and stock with, Ricaro seats, fuel cell, six speed, oversize brakes, HO 4.6 double overhead cam motor. And there it is, poised menacingly in an alley all revved up and ready to rock. And then all at once...........mayhem. Pillows of smoke, radials screeching, engine screaming Jay smiling, on film, done deal. Jesus. Back in the Shelby down to Fred's house, "hey Greg, want Fred's 1969 SS RS Camaro 396 six speed for your site"? Me, "yeah". Jay "OK, get in, hey Fred we'll be back in a few" Fred "OK". Jay "Hang on" Greg "OK" Camaro "vrrroooooommmmscreeeeeeetchhhhhgrunt" gone. Excuse me, I must have missed it, when did I die????? Honestly, have you ever heard of one silly bastard EVER being so lucky in your life? I didn't think so. Am I in the right business? I don't know and I don't care. If I never make a damn dime it won't make squat to me, I've already taken payment in full. But then again, how will I ever enjoy life again?????

--Greg Capes

TCGOB Comments:  Greg later informed us that he was "under the influence" when he wrote this.  Well, at least he wasn't doing the driving that day.
I came to your site via the duo - Your site has given me endless entertainment and laughter. Before your site I had Greg's stories to keep me laughing.
Steve, I just read your "Holiday Shoppers are Whacked" and "Virginia the T-Devil"! That's funny as hell man! I can't wait to read some more!! Good stuff Steve, keep up the good work!!
Steve, I don't mean to clog up your in-box but I can
't get off your site!!! Where are you located? I would love to buy you a beer sometime as you are one funny bastard (that's a good thing in my book).
Well, you called it on the Maserati SUV; the latest car show in Detroit has a spiffy Maserati SUV in the line-up.  But, I notice you overlooked the Lambourghini SUV??
I was tickling my funny bone with the Aztek articles and thought a little bit about the vehicles that are not seen. Mystery solved. In my city we no longer have paperboys/delivery person(s) that are seen, yet alone knock on your door at dinner time to collect for your subscription. We see the paper on the lawn every morning but no one, and no delivery vessel is ever seen. Conclusion to this mystery is all Aztek owners have worked out special deals with their local newspapers for the delivery process. This arrangement allows the owner of the Aztek too fully enjoy it''s hideous appeal in the nocturnal world, where it belongs!
I just read your story "Girls Love Fast Cars Too," and it was really great.  Very detailed, and very moving. Thanks for sharing.
I just had to contact you and tell what a beautiful story that was. It had me in tears at my PC. Tell your friend a Dale Jr. fan sends her love from NC.
Can't your whiny ass find anything better to write about besides Tony Stewart. He was asked a simple question and answered it honestly, thats something that don't sit so well with the media,"honesty". It's big mouthed whiny asses like you that keep Tony from doing any interviews anymore. Everyone is offended by the truth and want to hear political answers like the Golden Boy gives. Get over it and get off his back. Why don't you write an article about all those idiots still wearing those Earnhardt shirts to the track. Tell them to get a life he's not racing anymore! You won't do it because you don't have the balls. You're such a loser, get a life.

TCGOB Comments:  Yes, let's do that... let's write an article about "all those idiots" still wearing Earnhardt shirts to the track.  We guarantee the fan respnse will be a LOT uglier than this "whiny" email.
I find it amazing how long writers can beat a dead horse!! You just can't let something die! By now I think just about everybody is sick of this story, but NO, Talladega is this week and you have to resurrect this story and see if you can get one last bit of animosity stirred up! Can't you find something better to write about? You would think that there is enough ugliness in this world without you continuing to stir up hatred! Thanks for letting me express my opinion!!

TCGOB Comments:  Yes, there could be something else to write about, but this is so much more fun!

TCGOB Comments:  Sigh... another happy reader.  Makes us all warm inside.
You kill me! This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time! I was crying; I was laughing so hard...

TCGOB Comments:  Thank you!  We work very hard at it.

TCGOB Comments:  Maybe so, but at least we know how to spell, punctuate and capitalize.
That was one of the most "obnoxious" articles I have read in recent memory. Maybe he is right. Alabama, enough said. Hillbilly

TCGOB Comments:  Hillbillies!?!  How can you call us hillbillies?  We're a lot more sophisticated than you might think.  The webmaster has actually got a brother-in-law with actual runnin' water.  He's rich-- he's even got two cars that ain't on blocks!
Man,I mean Oh Wow,OH MAN!!!! What a site,and I thank you all so much! How could I have missed this connection this long?I`m simply flabbergasted,and I want to link this site to TeamRacing`s site if I may!
Those are truly touching articles from Steve and Caren`s viewpoints.Thanks again!
I LOVE Bubble Gum Car Culture. I am 53, played in several rock bands growing up, had long hair, etc. Had a so-called hot rod, but it left much to be desired. Due to being financially challenged, it took me 34 years to get the car I wanted, a Z28 Camaro. I still like my music a little loud at times, but not at someone else''s expense. My son has a ''96 Mustang GT, solid white, no stickers, Mac catback, and re-geared. He is 25, but has the maturity of someone 35. (at least most of the time) His passion, which I seem to have inherited, is pouncing rice boys in vehicles similar to your Jap import description. I have sent a link to him with the simple note, "YOU GOTTA READ THIS!!!" Thanks Steve, you made my day.
That one was a masterpiece. I really enjoyed that one. Ten 'I'm not worthys' for you
No this is not angry e-mail from a Stewart or Gordon fan. I wanted to comment on your article, but for some reason, the function didn't come up. So I wanted to send you a little e-mail to say thanks for finding the humor in this situation. Your article definitely made me smile (as they often do :)
I agree with you about driver bashing. I personally only bash Internet motorsports columnists, whom I believe are a far greater evil than Earnhardt or Gordon (although I also believe Earnhardt has cultivated his bad guy image for personal profit.) I haven't read enough of your stuff to include you in my sportswriter bashing, but I am very sick of the individuals who pretend to be motorsports experts, put up a site, and then proceed to fill it with their own uninformed opinions. I would include frontstretch, tachzone, cheers and jeers, in this category. Worse yet, jayski links to them, giving them some legitimacy. As Shakespeare said, "First we kill the lawyers". That's only because he didn't have to deal with "experts".

TCGOB Comments:  And we thought Shakespeare just made fishin' rods!
Thanks for a very nice article. While there have been times I could have cheerfully strangled Gordon or Earnhardt, I can, on occasion, say the same thing about one or more of my four children. My mother always told me that it was a waste of energy to hate someone. I believe her.
your an asswhole

TCGOB Comments:  We regret to inform you that this is an actual email sent in by an actual reader-- although we do wonder how the "reader" made his way through all those tough five and six letter words.

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