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Hardy boys, Short stories.

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It's dinner time, and Frank's on the
search for a good meal. Will he ever
find one?

Dinner Time

What do hoodwinks, a paper clip, and a
piece of rotton cheese all have in common?
Find out in this action thriller.

The mystery of the blowing chunks

Follow along with the gang as they head on
down to the carnival. This thrilling
adventure will surely have you on your toes

The Hardy boys visit the roller rink

This mystery will sure be a real funnyman's
delight. You will find yourself squirming
with excitment as you read this well wrote

The Hardy's New Friend

The Boys meet a new buddy in this thrilling
storry of fiddle-faddle, and an occasional

Hardy Home Inspection Report

See what the Bayport Home Inspection Team
has to say about the Hardy's living quarters

The Magna Racing Circuit

The boys fly into High speed competition
when they join a CrossCountry race team.
Don't miss out on this fast pace adventure.

The Hardy Boys go Trick-or-Treating

See how Haloween is celibrated at the Hardy
home. What will the boys dress up as this
year? you'll just have to find out.

The Angry Bank Teller.

this story is about a fun filled visit to the
local bayport bank, who knows what kind of
trouble our friends the Hardy Boys will get
into next.

The Search for the Missing Shoe

Joe has just lost his shoe. What will the
Hardy's do next? The boys are on the case
of another exciting mystery.

What's Behind The Irish Mafia?

It is the 1920's, bootleging is the game,
and the Hardy boys are the key players.
Read on to find out more.

The IceCream truck

this is happy story about the boys and their
incounter with an icecream man and a outhouse.
Will surely fill your heart with joy.

The Hardy's become homeless

The title pretty much explains it all.