The Hardy Boys
And The mystery of the blowing chuncks

"Hey Frank, I heard there is a carnival down at the park." Frank exhaled out of his puffy marshmallow white lips. "I'll say that sounds swell." Joe replied in a smooth cool rasp. Joe was fair haired and of the age of seventeen, a year younger then his Brown haired brother Frank. "Finally we can have some fun with out the crooked eye of wicked old aunt Gerdy hovering over us." Frank said with a blasphemic tone in his stale voice. "Hey Frank lets invite big man Morton to go to the carnival with us." Joe suggested sarcastically. "Ha ha your a hoot Joe, at first I thought you were serious, if he comes we won't get to eat any of are food because he'll snatch it up from us before we can get even one bite."

The boys then headed out to their new car which they had just purchased at a bargain price of fifty dollars. The car it self was a orange rusty old Hatch back which lacked a engine and the passenger side door. Frank took the wheel and Joe began pushing the rickety car out of the driveway gaining speeds of up to five miles per hour as they putted along elm street. soon they reached a hill and they could coast the rest of the way to the carnival. After the hour long trip to the amusements the boys piled out of their vehicle and extracted a will work for food sign & a tin cup from the back of the car. Frank took some grease from under the hood of their auto and began smearing the black paste all over his face to give the appearance of a hobo. Joe meanwhile was soiling his clothes with some near by mud. “Ready to go to work Joe?” Frank declared in a corse sorrowful groan. “Ready as I’ll ever be” Joe mouthed pathetically following his brother toward a crowd which had formed at the ticket booth. Joe placed a penny in the tin cup and began rattling it while Frank was holding out the sign trying to give his best puppy dog face. After about an hour the boys had tinned enough money for each of them to go on one ride. “Let’s go on the merry-go-round” Frank suggested. “No I want to take the bumper cars for a spin” Joe reasoned with teary eyes. “Let’s pick something we can all decide on” Frank said slurring. “How about the Tilt-a-whirl?” Joe implied in a sarcastic tone. “I’ll say that sounds swell” Frank replied not seeing into Joe’s sarcasm. But before Joe could right himself Frank had already paid the fat ride attendant for the tilt-a-whirl. The boys hoofed their selves up to one of the strawberry shaped consoles and strapped them self’s in, using the seat belt which was provided for them. “Hey, this was a sure swell idea of yours to go on this here tilt-a-whirl.” misquoted Frank. “Yeah right.” Joe mumbled under his breath. “What’s that Joe?” Frank yackety-yakked in a loud obnoxious voice. “Oh, nothing.” nevertheless the ride julted into action sending the Hardy’s strawberry into a twirl. “I don’t feel so good” Joe complained after they had got off of the ride. “ah, it’l be okay Joe” Frank sympathized giving Joe a big slap on the back. “BLLLLLEEEEEGGGGHHH” Joe exhaled as puke skattered across the carnival floor. “I’ll say that’s a mystery” Frank Whooped looking down at the big mess. “I’ll say.” Was Joe’s only reply.

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