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Welcome to Funnyman Fenton's Domain.

Thank you for joining me in my domain. Here you will find many Hardy Boy short stories, cunsumer alerts, and pictures that well please and delight your funny-bone. Also, if your a funnyman or funnywoman at the heart, there is a message board where you can write your own funny parodys and post them up for fellow readers to enjoy. I, Fenton, now have my "Random Advise from the Funnyman", so be sure to check it out. Oh, and be sure to visit the guestbook. While your there please tell what you liked and disliked about are parodys so that we can make changes in future ones to come. Also feel free to post your best jokes or insults on our message board. Our latest additions to the domain are Fenton's Favorite Recipes. They are sure to make you hungry. And Funnyman's MadLibs. With the funnyman's twist on the classic game. Well, time for the funnyman to get back to work, until next time, watch the ?

Funnyman Fenton, webmaster, editor, funnyman, author.

Last Updated 06/27/2004
OH MY! The funnyman has outdone himself again! The message board is again up and running. Please feel free to use it to post short stories about the boys, or to talk about anything else that's interesting. Have Fun!

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