The Hardy boysAnd the Ice-cream truck

"Hey Frank!" Cried out fair haired Joe. "What say" was his brothers reply who was eighteen and a year older then Joe. "I'll say" Joe said incoherently as he picked at the raw blister that had formed on the back of his neck. "Sure go" Frank pronounced in a New york accent. Which was followed by a "heh, heh ,heh."

The boys were sitting comfortably on a davenport which was located on the far wall of the hardys living room. Frank was reading the want-adds of their local paper trying to find an out-house to put in their back yard. While Joe was busily pawing away at his chaffed neck. "Joe I think I'm gonna call up on this Honey Bucket, it's used but this is a really great price, only ten dollars" Frank said in a pleased tone as he reached over to pick up the rotary phone. He dialed the number and when he was done speaking with the man on the other line he told Joe "it's all set up, he'll bring the out-house by tomorrow."

The boys then went back to their reading and picking until they heard the faint noise of "The Entertainer" being played from somewhere outside. "Frank do you hear what I here?" Joe exclaimed jumping up from his seat. "I sure do" Frank replied following his brother in the sprint to the front yard. The boys stepped up to the corner of the sidewalk and craned their necks up and down Elm street searching for the Ice-cream truck. but so far it was nowhere to be seen. The gleeful chorus soon faded into the distance and could no longer be heard from where the boys were standing. after waiting for about fifteen minuets the Hardy's trudged back up their front porch with their heads drooped down low. they were just about to walk back inside when the music started getting nearer and nearer. Frank and Joe then raised their heads high and skipped out to the street corner and sure enough the truck was seen coming steadily down the road. The boys jumped up and down with excitement as the truck screeched to a stop in front of the Hardy's house. They walked out to the vender and frank said "I'll have one of those Snow Cones" and Joe asked "can I have a drumstick please?" The fat and smelly driver reached back and grabbed the boys requests. "uhr hear you are fella's, that will be five dollar's." Frank paid the man and the boys were each given their deserts. The truck sped on past the house and the Hardy's retreated to their kitchen. The boys took their seats at the table and began indulging in the delicious deserts. Frank licked at his snow cone taking in every morsel. Joe crunched on the outer chocolate crust and now began eating the creamy inside. After the boys were finished eating Joe said "this is sure great we get a Honey Bucket and ice-cream on the same day, now if only my stupid blisters would go away." "Joe your slapstick" Frank replied.

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