The Hardy Boys

And what's behind the Irish Mafia

"Hey Frank seize the Tommy guns" Joe screamed in disgust. "I'm trying" Frank replied wobbling over to a receptacle on his peg leg. Frank loosened the canister and gathered two sleek automatic weapons and tossed one of them to Joe. "let's load up" frank stammered out as he picked up a beer keg and loaded it into the truck stopped in front of their warehouse. Joe joined in and the rig was soon full of the desired liquor. Frank hopped in the van with Chet Morton the truck driver while Joe joined their hit man Biff Hooper in the near by sedan. The two car chain sped off to distribute the ale at the local speakeasy. The joint was ran by the head of the Italian Mafia, Tony Prito. the speakeasy was operated under the alias of "Mr. Pizza" serving Italian food in the day time and the illegal alcohol after restaurant hours.

The truck entered the parking lot and backed up into the loading dock. Frank and Joe moved toward the back door as Biff secured the area. Frank tapped three times on the door. a slit opened and the man behind the door said slurring "we'ze not's open." "Well I'll be a monkeys uncle" Joe belched back. The door swung open and the boys were allowed inside. Frank asked the door attendant "We would like to speak with Tony?" he said whistling through his nostrils. "He is in his office" the man burped out in a drunkard voice. Frank and Joe strolled over to Tony's berth swaying to the jive of swing music. entering Tony's office Frank said snickering " we've got the moonshine. We will unload it as soon as we get are dough" Tony took a smooth draw on his Cuban cigar. Then extracted a stack of uncut Benjamin Franklin one hundred dollar bills and shoved them in the boys direction. Joe took them and placed the money in his leather briefcase. the boys then returned to their truck followed by Tony and one of his bulwarks Phil Cohen who holstered a 10 gauge pump action shotgun. Once outside the mobsters began unloading the bootleg. After about half of the barrels were transported frank heard a rustle in the bushes that sat across the road in an empty lot. Frank quickly drew his Tommy gun and motioned for the others to do the same. after a while a figure emerged from the undergrowth. When the street light caught his face Joe suddenly became relieved. "fellows it's only Sam Gribley. He thinks that he lives all by him self in the Canadian wilderness. No need to worry about him. He only has half a brain."

so the gangsters went back to their work. they had almost unloaded all of the goods now when Biff screeched at the top of his lounges "FIVE-0." Everyone's head looked up to see seven police cars speeding towards them. They all calmly took their designated tactical position s, Frank was in the doorway taking aim with his Tommy gun, Joe crouched low behind a dumpster loading his 12 gauge, Chet took cover behind the truck door replacing the clip on his Tommy gun, Biff sprinted upstairs to the roof to take precision aim with his high powered rifle, Tony placed himself behind the truck caulking his two automatic pistols, and Phil perched himself in the car door baring a 10 gauge shot gun.

The cars screeched to a stop and an officer on a loud speaker screamed out "this is chief Ezra Collig surrender now and we won't have to take military action." Frank shot out a ring of fire in the air to signify that they would never turn them selves over to the police. "you had your chance" the chief blustered in a grim voice as bullets filled the air. wheezing with discomfort Frank took down several officers while Joe pumped two of his own full of shot, Biff took down three our four but when he realized that it would be impossible shoot down them all. He raced back to where frank was. "were gonna have to get out of here" Biff yelped with a horrific expression grazzing on his parched face. "Let's make a break in the truck" Frank whispered back, casually taking in the gun fight. They notice their plump companion Chet Morton tumble out of the van dead as a door nail. Now short two men Frank and Biff gathered Tony and Joe for Phil had also passed on. Tony and Biff hopped in the rear of the rig. Frank dodging bullets took the wheel while Joe accompanied him in the passenger compartment. Crouching low the gang accelerated through a wall of cop cars taking out anyone in their way. wheezing heavily Frank pooped out "we will have to take out Tony he is no use to us now. anyway he will want his money back because of the destroyed contraband."

By the time the police gave chase the Irish/Italian Mafia was out of sight. Pulling in at their warehouse Joe extracted a long aluminum baseball bat from under the seat. Joe and Frank exited The van approaching Tony with Joe's club concealed at his waist. "Can I get my money back" Tony bartered with anger arising in his flush face. "I don't think so" Joe said innocently while bludgeoning Tony with two quick blows to the head with his baseball bat. after this whirlwind event had taken place Frank and Joe dragged Tony's lifeless body into the truck. "Let's stick him in one of these empty beer kegs" Frank suggested in a venomous tone. "Great idea" Joe exulted at the top of his lunges. It took all three of them to lift Tony's dead weight into the open barrel. Once Tony was crammed inside Biff nailed the lid closed with the nearby hammer and tacks. The boys then took turns bringing pails of water from a nearby faucet to wash off the blood trail.

after they had finished rinsing down the red pools Frank bellowed out "That was swell" in a nineteen twenties New York accent. "Hey Frank let's drop the keg off Harlem bridge" Joe said spitting at the near by Field Mouse. Frank begged Joe's pardon and when Joe repeated himself Frank readily agreed. After the boys took off their license plates and replaced them with stolen personalized license plates which said "LOLLIPOP" they were on their way. Frank Revved up the engine and the three of them sped off on the two hour trip from B ayport to Harlem taking the Shore Road wich headed west of town. Half of the way there the boys stopped to shoot off a few rounds at a stop sign for the fun of vandalism.

continuing now on their way Frank eyed a patrol car following them at a distance. "There's a PO tailing us" Frank said in an uneasy tone. "Just keep a steady pace so not to let him on that we’re fugitives" Joe hissed suspiciously. The car bleeped its sirens and flashed on its lights signaling the gang over to the shoulder. Frank stopped the truck at the edge of the road and the officer pulled up behind them. Biff squinted at the patrolman as he panted out "we're in for it now." "I'm not giving up yet" Frank pardoned. The policeman was almost up to the boys window. When Frank slammed his foot down on the gas pedal screeching past the officer at full speed. "Well pick me a daisy!, that was a swell maneuver you pulled on that helpless officer." Joe sputtered with amazement as they sped past the disgruntled highway patrol policeman. Biff then put the bead of the shot gun on the patrol car's tire and squeezed the trigger exploding the wheel. "Good thinking Biff, now he won't be able to give chase." Joe complemented exhailing a ripe odor.

The mobsters soon found themselves coming to a stop on the Harlem bridge. “Let’s make this quick.” Frank uttered as they went to the back of the truck. Biff opened up the door and they all rolled out the barel which contained Tony. The three of them muscled the heavy cylindrical container over the bridge. the mafia took their time as they wandered back to the front seat.

They would have gone faster if they had known that the police had them surrounded. there was a flash of bright lights and a spray of gunfire and that was all that was needed to execute the members of the Irish Mafia.
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