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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Richard

Dear Tathagata,

Hi my name is Richard. I am very glad I came across the internet site where you describe your enlightenment and life. I have gone through huge changes this last year and now realize most of my life I have never really been truly happy. I was always a really quite, shy person, but thought that was who I was. Last year roughly I went into a serious depression and some how miraculously god/higher/divine touched me. as far as I remember the morning this happened was the beginning of december.
I have a rough description written down and my many notes of all the feelings and thoughts I was having at the time. Theres so much I could type now but feel the email would go on quite a bit. The previous weeks I had been reading a course in miracles book, and had been following the exercises of forgiving everyone (atonement) or more accurately forgiving 'my self', understanding the human condition Ego,duality mind. The morning the big change happened, I woke early with many thoughts appearing to me, felt an energetic prescence, connected.
Was a bit tearful and could see energies in the room. felt very still. I later had the urge to sing something I rarely did and to my amazement there was no voice in my head saying you sound terrible etc, I felt and do now too so much happiness and peace. Since then I have done some research/ believe been guided to articles etc. amazing 'coincidences' happening daily all the time, not that I believe in coincidences anymore. I had applied and have been accepted into university to study development studies. I still see energies some more distinct now, a lady with her eyes closed, very peaceful face with a hood on always appears from my
bathroom tiles. I cannot/ havent been able to communicate with her but feel drawn/protected by her. There are some other faces I see in the bathroom tiles but dont feel drawn to them. I have very high intuition now. I keep coming across pictures of a star and feel drawn to look at it.
Would be very grateful to hear any advice from you, at the moment finding it a bit difficult, guess I am distancing myself from old friends.

Thanks look forward to you reply,
yours genuinely Richard walters.

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Richard,
First of all you should confirm what kind of benefit have you got from what has happened to you . Secondly, you should understand as soon as possible what you lose and what you obtain from the contact with the third soul. When you find you are in peace you are in the situation that your own consciousness stops to act. So you need to know what kind of result of life you will have from that connection. I have some doubt about that book you read. Lots of people who read such themes of books have experienced the same as you.


(Tathagata explains this in his teachings of 24.12.06. Click here to read about souls of the dead)