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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Jan


I have got a question about some of the things I read on your website. You seem to say that to save oneself
and mankind one has to awaken. Also you mentioned that it is impossible in this era for any other person to
attain enlightenment. Is the awakening you are talking about different from the enlightenment you write
Also I would like to hear an opinion from Tathagata about Osho (if you know about him). He seems to have
felt that he was enlightened some things I read by him seemed fresh and truthful to me. Do you think he was
an enlightened man ? Also you mentioned you came because no other wanted or was going to come and help. Are there others that could have come?
Thank you taking the time to look at my questions.


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Jan

Awakening means you learn the way that the world is run and receive it. Enlightenment means you open your eye to the world and see the way that the world is developed.
I could not verify the evidence that he saw the things of the world in his any books. What the enlightened being says should explain things so that the world can be revealed, but there were no such explanations. If he was an enlightened one he had to present the evidence of his enlightenment, but his evidence was not sufficient. I do not introduce him to others as the enlightened person from my view.
There are lots of gods with the excellent consciousness in the world of 4th dimension.
When they born into this world they must awaken people by only themselves and that mission is very dangerous to them. Human's behavior comes out from their consciousness inside them and there are huge difference between the consciousness of human and seer's. As they,the higher gods in the 4th dimension, knew that they came to the human world and save the world was extremely difficult. That's why no god wanted to come. For example, human history has four saints in the past. Please study their lives and confirm how hard for them to awaken human world, to give the bright ways,and leave good teachings to solve the problems in the world. You will be able to confirm through their lives.