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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Robert

Good day to you Tathagata,

I have been to your web site and feel there is a reason why others discredit you. I will start by saying that I too have come into enlightenment, it is important to know that to share the message of truth one must not boast about being the supreme of anything. You mention on the site that you are anxious of you ability to tell the truth for every question in the universe, for that you are all knowing. I have the answers as well and I do not feel supreme. I do know that your path will lead you to what you are meant to go, I look forward to seeing your progress and wish you well.
I will challenge your abilities for you have suggested to your readers that we do so to anyone who is claming enlightenment, I ask what is the force of the universe and does it project in a pattern that I can recognize?


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Robert,

When you ask a question you'd better to make clear what you want to know for somebody who needs to answer. I need to know one thing from your question before I answer. When you say 'the force of the universe', what phenomenon do you indicate by that ?
The universe is wide and the earth belongs to it. So point it out exactly. Where is the subject of your question and what is it ? If you ask something in the world of your illusion nobody will not be able to answer. For example, if somebody asks a mathematical question without clear matter no mathematician could answer.