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Enlightenment Questions - Question From John

Dear Sir,

I have just come across your web site and it has intrigued me I have been searching for a truly honest and sincere spiritual person for many years and up untill now I have failed to find one. There is always
something that comes along that makes me doubt that they don't truly understand something that they are trying to teach, it is usually karma. So how are you differant? Can you explain to me what I am supposed to be doing?
I await your reply with interest

John Fuller

Answer from Tathagata

Dear John

In order to distinguish a good one from an evil one you should compare their lives. You can understand people through their lives and will decide whether you will trust them or not. As far as I know this is the wisest way to see somebody through what he has done.
I request you to verify what I have told. If you find the untruth in my words I will not say I am a man of truth.


Further response from John

Dear Tathagata.

Thank you for your reply, the trouble is I am not sure what you mean. In the spiritual world I have been deceived so many times by words as there is so much that I do not know.


Further reply from Tathagata

Dear John,

A man who knows teaches what is in reality so that anyone could see and know easily.
A man who does not know speaks something that people cannot understand.
Teaching from a knowing person let you realise.
Teaching from a person who does not know will not help you to realise no matter how hard you may try to listen again and again.