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Teaching of Tathagata - 17.12.06

December 17 2006 Busan Lecture

It's difficult for ordinary people to distinguish a lie from a truth without confirmation. So people are always cheated by a lie when they do not know. The most important teaching of the saints who lived in the world was that you should be aware of untruth.

Then what is the definition of a lie? A lie means you don't speak something as it really is.
When I visited the president of the Union of National Spiritualists in London I told him the difference between false religion and right religion. If they teach untruth then they are the false religion. Meanwhile if they tell truth then they are right religion. It doesn't matter whether they are a big group or not or whether they have a long tradition or not.

When I travelled India I talked to some Buddhist monks. They told me 'What you speak is the same as what Gautama Buddha said 3000 years ago.' I answered them 'You may be right. As he was also enlightened, so our explanation could be the same when we talk about the same thing. But the problem is that his teachings have been changed in quality by the Buddhists. Like when food goes bad it becomes poisonous and harms people when they eat it. When people learn the deteriorated truths their souls are poisoned by wrong knowledge.'

From now on I would like to explain how humans can lead their souls to the eternal life. Many creatures, even lots of spirits, wrong religious people or some people who have heavy karma have been looking for this secret, but nobody understood. However you cannot attain this goal by listening or knowing only. It definitely requires your hard practice through your life to have the result. I repeated again and again how the soul is made and what is the role of life and what will happen after your death. But my teaching doesn't enter to your consciousness well.
Why? Because you cannot see the reality. From your point of view it doesn't seem real, so it's very hard for you to accept my words and practice them.

Then, what is the eternal life ? It means that by keeping things in your motae you make them come to life again endlessly.

A man makes one soul in him and the soul has everything that happened to him.

When I met the vice-chancellor of Pune University in India I have explained about soul. He invited me and asked
'Could you tell me where is my soul ?'
 "Yes, I can. But before I teach you I 'd like to ask you one question."
 "Where did a bean come from?"
'A bean came from a bean, right?'

He gave me the right answer. Most people think that a bean came from the ground and a bean itself may know that it is from the earth as it roots into soil. After I checked his ability to listen I gave the answer to his question. "That's right. A bean was born from a bean. The earth is its mother-body, while a bean was its origin.

The secret of the eternal life is in your motae (origin). If your motae is strong you will not find any problem to come to life again. A bean falls down and links to the earth then it will revive naturally.
Try to plant a bean and observe it. At first you will see a sprout from the seed and leaves from the sprout, and flowers from the leaves, finally a bean is beared from the flowers.When they become ripe, a bean tree stops its activity of life and dies but the new bean keeps everything that has happened to it in itself. Then its fruit revives. In this way what exists, exists forever.

Then what makes it possible for you to preserve yourself ? This is the riddle that you have to solve in this era. How can you keep your soul ?

After the changing period nothing can be hatched for 30-50 years. And many souls are decomposed by the activities of waves. It means a soul is destroyed. When you lose your motae you cannot be reborn.

There have been lots of people who were very interested in this question but nobody could see as it is not seen through a man's physical eyes.

I came to the world in this era and saw.

 A soul of the dead is changed in quality because of its excessive activity. It acts on the ground because of its weight. If it is heavier it feels more like it is still alive. Those spirits try to enter into a living human body when they become more lonely and find it very hard to bear their conditions.
Therefore there is the most dangerous thing that you should be aware of and guard against in this era. Those are the roaming souls of outside. They are desperately trying to enter to the body of a living person. Once they enter they conquer the living body and prevent the activity of the real owner. If you are in this situation and you are not free to act by your own will because of their constant influences, then you don't have a chance to get the eternal life or at the least you will be seriously damaged and unable to attain the level of eternal life dimension.

Karma is an essence of the secret of motae. No matter how intelligent you may be, if you cannot control your karma you cannot preserve your motae for a long time. When you can stop the activity of karma you are in the state of nirvana. It is easy to speak and simple in theory but it is difficult in reality. If you sew an apple pip you will have an apple tree forever. Its motae was the apple and it knows how to make apple only. You need the capacity to change what is in you. When you can stop your karma, it is possible for you to move. You need to train yourself for that. That training does not mean sitting like meditation practice.

First of all you should be aware of reality and try. How to try ? You should see the reason of the world, then change your way. When you are well trained to stop your karma you can choose what is right for the reason. When you completely stop your karma you are in calmness. You are in peace, so you do not feel whether you live or die. When your soul is light enough after losing the weight of karma it will float in the sky as high as white cloud. It means that your soul stays in a safe space, away from the wave of the changing period.