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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Rani

Dear Tathagata,

I was reading about karma yesterday when I stumbled upon your comment, or half answer to a question some Steve guy asked you about the end of the world. I guess at this point I'd feel more enlightened if I could forget half the unneccessary things floating, stuck in my head. But seriously your answer messed me up big time. I'm hoping you are just trying to scare people into being good or something. I gotta stop listening to other people because I know naturally how to be a good person...I think. But since you say the gravity zone will crack I have to ask you, what is the gravity zone made of which makes for that possibility? It doesn't make sense that gravity could physically crack and I'm holding onto that fact for my own sanity. How do you continue on while knowing the world is going to end soon? I so badly want to be a mother someday and finally, at 28, think I'm starting to get how to be a great one, but if I knew the world was ending in 2010 then having a baby seems pretty selfish and awful. I just went for a walk in the blizzard weather and it's so beautiful. Fear is so lame, it's such a weak defense if you ask me...when abused I mean...
I'm sorry if I've offended you with my nonsense. I'm just a girl searching for some answers I can work with too. Please have a great day and if you have a good answer to my question about the gravity zone, please explain it to me. Thanks for your time.

Answer From Tathagata

Dear Rani

Before you listen to my explanation I would like to tell you about our travelling for 40 days in America. During our travelling we met lots of people and most of them were scientists. We got some useful information from them. According to their information many of them are concerned about global warming. So I traced to find the cause of it. As the result I found the cause of gravity crack. In order to understand the crack of gravity field you need a quite good basic knowledge. But I could not meet any scientists who have that knowledge during my traveling. That's why I agonise how can I explain it to you so that you could understand. From many thousands years ago the end of the world has been predicted. And it is just beginning by global warming which is caused by the crack of gravity zone. Global warming was caused by the activities of the inner core of the earth. Inner core has started it's action as the force of gravity field became weaker. This activity makes core amplify rapidly. When it creates the amplified energy, that energy is going to be exploded on the earth. I say this phenomenon as that the end of the world and it will happen soon. I do not give more precise answer to you until I confirm that you have enough basic knowledge in reality. No matter how hard I try to explain, nobody can realise before they confirm what I speak.