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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Shaun 02.03.07

Dear Tathagata,

1) Will we ever be able to break free from our karma ?
2) Are you able to look into the past or foretell the future ?
3) Will human existence as we know it stop to exist in the near future ?


Awaiting Answer from Tathagata

Dear Shaun

1) Anybody can be free from karma when they are enlightened.

2) Although I can't say that I can see the past or the future, when I see things in reality I know what problem caused them. Things in the world keep going by the problems in themselves.That's why I can see the answer for a certain question.

3) Your question is not so clear.
There are some creatures that will come to be disappeared while some will live forever. It depends on individual's life itself and it's own relations. That's why I can not answer until I see the problems that everybody has got.