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J Little Mikey's Ballfesting Adventures in America  J


This is me 

Perched on my seat and ready to roll!

Hi Everyone, 

Welcome!  My name is Little Mikey.  I was created for Jackie by Inge Yunaeni in Jakarta, Indonesia and this page is dedicated to my friend Inge.  I traveled all the way to Bremerton, Washington in the USA, by airplane.  I don't have any pictures of that trip, but my Ballfest trip by train was great.  We met lots of wonderful people along the way, saw some great scenery, saw a couple of shows and I had a BALL the entire time.  This was my first adventure in Ballfesting, but it definitely won't be the last.  I can leave on a minutes' notice, since I don't have much to pack!  


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July 6, 2000 ~ Portland, Oregon ~ Day One

Outside our sleeping car on the Coast Starlight


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Here I am with Merrill by day ~ and in his coat pocket for the night.


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July 7 ~ Oakland, California ~ Day Two

With Jackie and with Alvin, my favorite room attendant!

We traveled 1383 miles on the Coast Starlight, from Seattle, WA to Glendale, CA


(Note: Next year I'm going to stop off here in the San Francisco Bay Area to visit Gail, Joan, Jean, Kitty, Claudia, Fiona, Lillian, Liza and Terri cause those ladies do some Really Great Ballfesting from what I've heard.  I may also get the chance to meet Chelle, Chikako, Britt, and Nancy too, so I'm looking forward to that!)


Next stop - Los Angeles, California and my first Ballfest!  I met some of the original  Ballfest folks (1997) ~ Like Jo and Penny and Lillian, and also Margie from San Gabriel who began Ballfesting in 1999.  We had a great time at The California Pizza Kitchen near the Ahmanson Theatre, which is a regular stop on Ballfest LA trips.  We stayed with Jeff and Chaucer, and that was another BALL I can tell you.  See Chaucer on his own new page!


bfla070003.jpg (33741 bytes)    bfla070004.jpg (33752 bytes)

July 9 ~ Day Four

I was still napping in the first picture I think, but Jo woke me up for the 2nd one.

Jo made Merrill this beautiful afghan, which I'm going to sleep on or in or some place!


littlemikey08.jpg (23578 bytes)

The Southwest Chief

Days 5 - 7 

2,256 miles Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, Illinois


We arrived in Chicago more than 7 hours late, due to 2 freight train derailments ahead of us, so it was a long trip!  I had fun listening to music ~ (thank goodness my family brought along the CD player and lots of CDs) ~ and watching the scenery.  Here I am at some stops along the way.


littlemikey06.jpg (25252 bytes)      littlemikey07.jpg (30911 bytes)

Albuquerque, New Mexico was HOT


Our next stop was Chicago, Illinois.  Jackie told me it was really HOT there last year, but it was quite pleasant this year!  We missed our dinner-date with Cyndee Llewellyn on Wednesday, but we had a great time in Chicago on Thursday - we went to the Chicago Art Institute where I got to see the Thorne's Miniatures.   I could move right into one of those little rooms, I can tell you!  We finally met Cyndee after that.  For those pictures, you need to go to the Chicago, 2000 Page.


To continue Mikey's adventures, see Little Mikey-Part 2


Little Mikey's Pages are dedicated to Inge Yunaeni, in Indonesia - my friend and the creator of Little Mikey.

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