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Culpeper, Virginia has become a regular stop on our Ballfest trip each year.  Merrill's sister and brother-in-law have a beautiful and comfortable home here, and it's a great place to rest, relax and visit with all of Merrill's family.  

It's a lovely area, steeped in history, nestled below the mountains and there's lots to see and do within an easy drive. (If you don't count the traffic)  

It's about 67 miles (110 kms) south of Washington, DC, where both Merrill and I were born.  Favorite places to visit for us are the University of Virginia (founded by Thomas Jefferson); Jefferson's home at Monticello; Civil War battlefields, Karen's kitchen and the pond on Karen and AC's property.  

This year we brought "Little Michael" along on his first Ballfest trip.  It's also where Chaucer's cousin Biff lives.  


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