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The Volunteers Group for Children Development


127/8 Moo 2 Chang Pheuk, Muang Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand Phone/Fax Number : 66-53-213192

      Outline of the Project

A State of Crisis

 As  Thailand rapidly changes from an traditional agricultural culture to an industrial one, the way of family life is also unavoidably changing.

 The traditional rural family is a tight unit bonded together by a need to work closely together, so that the wisdom and knowledge of the older generation is combined with the energy of the younger generation to produce food and income for the whole family.

 This way of life is rapidly deteriorating as many of the younger generation now seek to join the industrial labour market, learning about new skills and ideas imported from overseas, whilst leaving parents and grandparents back home to work the farms by themselves.

  As a result the new generation are forsaking the traditional values which uphold respect and the wisdom of the older generation - breaking the family in two between the old and the new generation of Thai people.

 As the newer generation moves to the cities and begin family units of their own, they must face the pressure of the industrial age and modern economics - striving for  better education, a well paid career, and the increased desire for material possessions. These pressures often cause arguments , separation , or divorce, resulting in the family unit  breaking up even further until there is no solid family unit left.

 Chiang Mai is one province of many in Thailand which currently faces this situation - out of which arises many other wider social problems.

 One of these social problems which needs addressing urgently is the increase in the number of children and youths whom are without proper parental care.

 Many of these young people in Chiang Mai will join up with others in similar situations, often entering into prostitution, drug gangs, or finding work in other illegal activities in order to survive, whilst also seeking to gain acceptance among their peers.

 These illegal activities impact on our society, and as a result everybody in our society should join together to solve this problem; however many blame  the children themselves as the sole perpetrators, instead of looking at the causes of the problems at hand.

 The Volunteers Group for Child Development is a non-government development organization which organizes programmes and activities to assist these young people in need.



The Objectives of the VGCD are as follows: To give a better standard of life to those young people of Chiang Mai who require help and guidance as well as the personal development neccesary to integrate them back into society.

To reduce the chance of exposure to high risk behaviour and work ( i.e involvement with drugs, gangs, and prostitution)

To provide vocational guidance and help find proper employment for those old enough

     History of Organization

    The Volunteers Group for Child Development was originally established just over 3 years ago by a small group of young people willing to actively help the young people in need. After gaining the moral and administrative support of the local goverment and welfare groups, as well as a small house and section ( rent paid for by the Dept. of Public Welfare) they established a place of refuge for their target group, and began the programs which would integrate them back into society.

 None of the helpers receive a salary for their work, and income for living expenses comes solely from donations.

      S t a f f

Mr Anuchon Huansong  - Coordinator

Miss Kintong perajan  - house Director

Miss Nuchanart Boonkong - Vocational Director

     Assisting/ Advisory Committee:

1. Vice Governer of Chiang Mai    -    Chairman

2. Public District Prosecuter of the Chiang Mai Family and Youth Court - Committee Member

 3. Commander of Chiang Mai Metropolitan Police - Committee Member

 4. Mayor of Chiang Mai - Committee Member

 5. Guardian of Welfare Home for Boys, Chiang Mai - Committee Member

 6. Director of the Centre for Extra Curricular Studies, Chiang Mai - Committee Member

 7. Director of the Suan Prung Hospital, Chiang Mai - Committee Member

 8. Job Search Office of Chiang Mai - Committee Member

9. Representative of Unicef - Committee Member

10. Mrs Renu Uttamet - Committee Member

11. Mr Swing Tun-oot - Committee Member

12. Miss Sirinet Piyajitpairut - Committee Member

13. Dept. of Social Welfare  - Committee Member and Secretary

14. Mr Anuchon Huansong - Committee Member and Secretary

The Volunteers Group for Children Development 127/8 Moo2 Chang Pheuk, Muang Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand Tel./Fax 66-53-213192

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