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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Charan Singh

Kindly bless Jeo !!.

Please help understand the following:
1) What happens when the third eye starts opening?
2) What should one be doing when the third eye point starts opening?
3) How long it may take to clearly see the third eye point once it
starts showing up?
Is there any fee to these blessings or this service of answering above
Please pardon mistakes and bless

With Prayers Abound
Charan Singh

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Charan,

The third eye is a kind of symbol which appears in the middle part of the forehead and it forms in that way for several tens of thousand years. When someone has the third eye it means that he has got the ability to realise the world. Therefore it is very simple to check something regarding the third eye.
The third eye doesn't exist or being opened in any one. Only when someone attains a certain position it appears.
In my case my third eye has existed in my motae but it appeared in one day morning time . After that it keeps its existence.
You do not have to do to pay money for my teaching and blessing. But I have my principle in giving my answer. I do not give any answer without the process of confirming the relation of the fact because my answers are based on the ground of what is.


Further Response from Charan

Dear Tathagata,

Many thanks for your reply and blessings, Tathagata Jeo !!!
Please bless with little more clarity about the third eye.

As you rightly say, I experienced an Eye With Tears in The Eye, very
clearly, at the forehead place with my eyes closed in a prayer mode,
in the presence of my Sabad Guru ( The Word: Transcendental Vibratory
Sound, which is my Guru) while I visited His place some two years
back. I could not see the clear Eye after the visit. I kept on longing
for His glimpse as I understood and kept this experience to myself
that the clear Eye with the tears, which I saw, is Him only.

Just few weeks before, in the presence and with the blessings of the
companions ( Sangat) who visited our house, while making collective
prayers, The Eye Shows up again and every time since then I can have a
glimpse of His Eye as I close my eyes in reverence. I can get His
Glimpse though it takes a while to get a clear Glimpse of Him and I
pray for continuation of these blessings, of His presence, of His
Glimpse which may please be the same as I experienced as clearly as
two years before.

Please guide and bless me what should I do? How do I realize Him as
despite His blessings, His Glimpse through the Eye I have not been
able to win over five enemies of Desires/lust, Anger, Greed,
Attachments, Ego.

As explained
1) Does this above shared experience means that what I am talking
about is the Third Eye
If this is what is Third Eye, then
2) Please guide and bless me for the journey ahead what should and how
should I go ahead

Again, please let me be the dust of the feet of those who have
advanced on the path of meeting with Him

With Prayers Abound

Charan Singh