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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Gordon

Dear Tathagata,

At age 16 I was given a light which resides in the center of my mind (4th dimension). It exists as a flashing orb only perceptible by myself. A psychic once mentioned that striata of light rays emanated from the sides of my eyes. If I close my eyes and move my eyeballs to the their extremities I am able to witness what he was referring to in the form of small light orbs at the periphery of my visual centres.
I have lived a fairly normal life on the outside, but have managed to endure countless life initiations on the inside.
I have been gradually enlightened over the past 21 years and find little to no reference on the psychic phenomena which has become a part of me.
A master yogi (Dada Sarananda) whom I met in Durban while studying Martial arts referred to my ability as the “Light in the minds eye”, which allows direct access to the Monad.
When I was young I displayed certain “super powers”, but lost them as I could not control them or understand them – I miss them and wonder if I will ever be able to reactivate them. I may even be displaying them now but have become so accustomed to creating and manifesting my will that it seems quite normal.
I have noticed that as one ascends the karmic spiral, the light has become progressively brighter and that my understanding of spiritual matters has increased.
Q : What do you perceive the destiny of accidental saints to be ?
Q; Can you shed light on the transformation of our beings and the ultimate role of new beings in the time to come?


Answer from Tathagata

Dear Gordon

Most of the saints who were harmed by people had not delivered themselves from the worldly desires completely. They still were not free from the attachment to justice or righteousness. That's why they showed their strong will about right and good and it caused the attacks of the evil .
I do not know how to change human beings by using light. This world contains all the teachings and people's consciousness can be developed by what is in the teachings. I only do this.
If you point out what kind of people come I will explain for you.