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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Zihao

Dear Tathagata,

I believe in karma, but why do so many people are forced to live misery lives because of the wrong deeds of other people? They live all their lives being wrongly treated by the society and other people, how do you explain this?

Zihao Li

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Zihao Li

People choose unhappiness without their realization. The first reason for people to become unhappy is that they are deceived by a lie. Therefore if you are careful and confirm what is in the reality all the time such a lie will not easily spread human societies.


Further response from Zihao Li

Dear Mr. Tathagata,

Thank you for your kind reply, Mr. Tathagata, I have one more question to ask:

If the people who harm people will receive karma, but the people who are hurt are still in misery and depression, what should the victims do ? It seems revenge is the best way to let out all the anger and misery that destroyed the victims' lives, but they are too afraid of Karma of their actions will bring to do anything, so day after day, they fantasise about revenge and keep all their feelings inside, and living a broken life. Mr. Tathagata, to be honest I am one of those "victim", I don't want to revenge, please tell me what to do, what to do to let out all my hate and pain? Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

Zihao Li

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Zihao Li,

You told me the story that you underwent from your point of view and I found it difficult to give an actual answer that you expect because all of your problems are hidden. Harm others or hurt by others happens in the way of karma. Regret that karma. No words can compensate your suffering. If you had not have connected with them you would not have the chance to be harmed. All the evil were created by such a tie. I hope that you understand this and take care well of your life.