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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Clay

Dear Tathagata,

I am 20 years old, and all my life I have felt the presence of my third eye. I know it is there. It is not till recently that I have decided to try and possibly awaken it. I can feel it there, I can focus it, but how should I go about awakening it? Where did you begin?
Thank you for your time,

Clay Brett

Answer from Tathagata

Dear Clay,

The One who has the third eye probably comes to the world every 10 thousand years or so. You are worthy to be celebrated as you feel the third eye inside of you, however I don't know anything about the fact that you have experienced. I realise what is in the reality through my third eye. If you believe that you have the third eye I will give you some questions about what is in the reality so that I can tell if you really realise them or not. If you can answer me exactly I will accept that you have the third eye, but I can not answer anything before I confirm your words.


Further Response from Clay

Dear Tathagata.

Just hoping you had not forgotten about my previous question. You had responded that you would give me some questions to validate whether I may possibly have a possibly third eye or not.

Also, if I was to go on a retreat somewhere to "expand my mind", where would you recommend? Are there any teachers you might possibly recommend?

Thank you for your time,

Clay Brett

Further response from Tathagata

Dear Clay,

When your consciousness reaches the highest level the third eye forms completely. If somebody shows the third eye he is a Buddha or beyond a Buddha. The man with the third eye comes to the world every six thousand to ten thousand years.Anyone can have the third eye but you need the endless effort and practice to get it. For the practice, first of all, you should meet a good teacher. You should observe what your teacher does and awaken yourself from your observation.
If you want to know more about me come to me when I alive and see my life in the past and present. Because I haven't meet you I don't know well about you. I don't give you concrete answer. All of the choice is up to you.